He finds his family thanks to a photo published on the Internet

An Ontario adoptee still can’t believe how quickly he was able to meet much of his Quebec family, just days after posting a simple photo on Reddit.

“It answers a question I’ve had since I was born,” says Chris McNeil enthusiastically, a few days after the unexpected reunion with an uncle, an aunt and two cousins.

Born in Ottawa in 1981 and adopted shortly after, the latter had followed all sorts of leads to find out more about his origins.

Courtesy picture

One of the few photos of Chris McNeil as a baby.

Using his birth certificate, he was able to trace his mother, Leigh-Ann Sybrandy, who died of an overdose in 1988.

But it was more complicated for his father, given his very common name in Quebec.

“One day, I had to call 50 men with his name, just to see. But it didn’t work, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack,” recalls McNeil. As his father has not expressed the desire to meet him, he prefers to conceal his identity.

Strangers to the rescue

Running out of ideas, he decides to publish on Reddit a photo from the 1980s given to him several years earlier.

In the photo, a couple dressed in vintage denim coats embrace in downtown Ottawa. Her 18-year-old mother is in the very early stages of her pregnancy.

” It was a longshot, but… People try to find the name of movies or books all the time. So, I thought to myself, why not ask for information on my biological father? », Explains in English Chris McNeil.

The thread’s response r/ottawa far exceeds his expectations. More than 400 people comment on his post, which has gone viral.

With the help of strangers, he manages to find his public profile on Facebook, and begins to contact people who seem related to him.

Courtesy picture

Chris McNeil (center) has reconnected with his cousin Carolyn Sabourin, his aunt Carolle Laliberté, his uncle Éric Laliberté and his cousin Alexandre Sabourin

Five days later, he found himself in Gatineau to share a pizza with his aunt Carolle Laliberté and her relatives.

A relief

“I arrived, and immediately I felt better,” says Chris, who discovered the same sense of humor as his biological family.

If the Lalibertés were well aware of the existence of “Christopher, the little blond”, they knew nothing of his life.

“We thought he was in Vancouver, or somewhere else in Canada. To say that all those years, he was next to us, ”says Carolyn Sabourin, his cousin found.

After leafing through photo albums and exchanging many anecdotes, they promised to meet again soon and introduce him to his 89-year-old grandfather.

“This time I will come with my wife and two children. They too are parents, ”promises Chris, still under the influence of emotion.

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Una app que ayuda a los padres a saber cuándo sus hijos entran o salen del colegio y otras cosas más

Por claros motivos de seguridad y protección, son muchos los buenos padres que desean tener información por cuenta propia de cuándo sus hijos entran o salen del colegio. Afortunadamente para estos, dicha action is possible to realize y the BatOnRoute app is designed to help you log in.

Desarrollada en España, this application of BatOnRoute busca aprovechar la localización para ofrecerle a los usuarios security and tranquility through information in real time sobre la ubication de sus hijos.

Claro, as such we are dealing with an independent application that consiga este type de datos así por así. Of hecho, se encuentra completamente al día con el Reglamento General de Protection de Datas europeospor lo que en base a lo estipulado en este, los padres pueden ir monitoreando si sus hijos han tomado el bus escolar o si han entrado a clases.

BatOnRoute is a platform that solo funciona con el uso compartido entre el padre y la institution

Para que esto funcione, los representatives deben utilizar la app in convenio con la institución educativa donde estudie su hijo o hija. De esta manera, la escuela y solo la escuela podrá send notifications to los padres de los estudiantes sobre si estos han faltado a clases, por poner solo un ejemplo.

¿Como lo logran? Realmente no es a través de Wi-Fi como casi all seguramente llegamos a pensar. Basically, the respuesta will be encuentra en el proprio number of the company (BatOnRoute), lo cual means literally Murciélago en ruta.

Esto hace referencia that the app comes to function mediante ondascosa que hará que sí o sí lleguen las notifications, aun cuando los niños no lleguen a disponer de datos móviles o conexión, por lo que se podrá ubicarles en cualquier momento.

Apart from this uso mencionado, también es important comentar que BatOnRoute encuentra directed a entidades públicas, empresas de transporte, centros de día/residencias, entre otros sectors. In general, BatOnRoute results in a more interesting and responsible service than in the actuality, cuenta con más de 120 mil usuarios, 9 mil rutas diarias, más de 800 entidades que utilizan sus servicios, etc.

The CPE network threatened by the shortage of executives

The effects are already being felt in many settings.

In the municipality of Scott en Beauce, a temporary CPE is due to open on Monday, but without an installation director. Eva Isabelle Goupil, installation director at the CPE des Petits Pommiers, in St-Isidore, will have to take care of the management of this new center until a new manager is found.

The opening is tomorrow morning and the office is still vacant. Our positions are not attractive. The workload that is requested means that people do not respond presentlaments Mrs. Goupil.

According to the director, without these managers, it will be impossible to manage to develop new places in the CPE network.

Eva Isabelle Goupil, installation director at the CPE des Petits Pommiers

Photo: Radio-Canada / Louis-Philippe Arseneault

10% starting

For Élyse Lebeau, Executive Director of the Association of Managers of Early Childhood Centers in Quebec, improving the working conditions of some 1,900 managers in CPE of Quebec is obvious, even a necessity.

If the current situation, the working conditions, the remuneration of the executives are not corrected, we think that the development of new places [en CPE] announced by the Minister for the Family is doomed to failure. »

A quote from Élyse Lebeau, Executive Director of the Association of Managers of Early Childhood Centers of Quebec

The general manager does not hide it, it is complex to recruit new executives and even more to retain them. Since the start of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, nearly 10% of managers have left the public early childhood sector.

There are also issues of attraction and retention. We are even losing executives at the moment who are going to other fields because the remuneration is really insufficient, given what is required of these people.adds Élyse Lebeau.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ivanoh Demers Photo taken at CPE Idée Fixe in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In the photo: (Left to right) Atmosphere in the nursery. June 07, 2022 2022/06/07

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ivanoh Demers

This is why the Association of Executives in CPE appeals to political parties, about a week before election day on October 3.

The government must wake up and say that they are not going to forget our boat captains because they are the ones who hold the fortclaims Ms. Lebeau.

Salary differences

One of the association’s criticisms of the Legault government is the gap between the salaries of these boat captains and other workers in CPE. According to Élyse Lebeau, the salaries of executives have stagnated in recent years, unlike those of educators, for example.

The salary structure [des cadres] dates from 2006, so there was no revision of the structure while the tasks of the executives continue to increaseshe explains.

Élyse Lebeau is calling for better salaries for executives in CPEs. (archives)

Photo: Radio-Canada / CBC

This situation does not bode well for the future, thinks the general manager.

We are going to have difficulty attracting new people to work in our structures, in our childcare centres, because the working conditions are not competitive in relation to the market in general, but also in relation to fairness. internalshe said in an interview with Radio-Canada.

Élyse Lebeau has her theory on the reasons behind this persistent gap.

Because it’s a women’s network, it seems to be less recognized. I don’t think there are many men who would accept those conditions. Currently, there are assistant managers who earn less than the employees they supervise. It is not normalconcludes Ms. Lebeau.

With information from Louis-Philippe Arseneault

5 questions to Pierre-Yves Bernard, creator and main author of Comme des têtes pas de poule

Pierre-Yves Bernard marked our imagination. First, he created with Claude Legault the now legendary series In a galaxy near you. Then there was midnight at night, which followed the everyday life as dark as it was busy with three bar porters. A reference. This four-handed writing also gave birth to call me if you die. While teaching screenwriting at INIS, Pierre-Yves was the script-editor of series for both youth and adults, Fairy Eric at Boomerang. This fall, he signs Like chicken headsa unifying daily series that features an imperfect family that looks exactly like us.

When you create a children’s series, broadcast at mealtimes, do you have in mind to generate the co-viewing?

It is an avowed goal on the part of Télé-Québec to get parents to watch the series with their children. That’s why the characters of the parents experience things and are not just the stooges of the young people. They have adult issues with the point of view of young people. We want to bridge the generations, to bring people together at a time when the relationship to the community is less there. But for me, writing always comes from the same approach. At the time of In a galaxy with Claude [Legault], there were political gags that later allowed the youngster to go see his father and ask him what a referendum was. There was a connection.

Were there important values ​​in your eyes to convey in the series?

It was important to reflect the world in which we live and which changes enormously. I also wanted to reverse the roles. The mother is doing renovations while the father is super worried. I myself am a dad hen. I think it reflects well the changes in which we are navigating. Like chicken heads is a comedy and the pact we have made is to have something emotional, emotional and laughter every half hour.

Courtesy picture

Pierre-Yves Bernard

Tell me about the members of this imperfect family.

Yan is the somewhat fatalistic dad. As soon as a threat looms, it reacts. Evelyne is more spontaneous. It is in live and let live. She proves that it is possible to make your dreams come true. They are two parents with opposite energies. She’s more like go try skateboarding while he’s going to check if you have a certified helmet! They have three children. Flavie is in 6e year, she is impulsive and often acts before thinking. Félix is ​​in secondary 2, he is more introverted. I thought it was important to put a guy like that on screen because there are plenty of quiet guys in life. Victoria is in secondary 4, it is the drama queen. With her, everything is exaggerated.

Are there constraints to writing for young people?

Budgets are tiny. It’s a huge constraint. You have to do with fewer characters, fewer places. Despite all the talent of our team, there are not many people in the student café. There is also much less media coverage for children’s series than for adults. On the other hand, we have a lot of freedom. And less pressure. It gives us the opportunity to think a lot about the world we live in. With less means, we don’t do a car chase, but it has the advantage of bringing us back to the level of the characters and their inner life.

Children are bombarded with information from a young age. How do you find the right tone to address them while being in tune with the society in which you live?

We do not want to erode the lucidity of our young people. We are in a changing, complex, threatening world. War, COVID, inflation, anxiety, armed attacks, we have to face these subjects as a citizen and as an author, I have no fear. We are not trying to make young people forget the world in which they live, but it is important to counterbalance and remind them that they can influence the world and their lives. We do feel good. It is the opposite of the impotence that one can have in relation to big subjects by being agents of benevolence. Show that we can help each other. It’s a series that gives that impression, I hope.

Like chicken heads Monday to Thursday 6:30 p.m. on Télé-Québec

No, Nyquil chicken is not a real TikTok trend

It’s not a fad, people don’t cook Nyquil chicken saying it’s goodconfirms Jeff Yates, journalist at Décrypteurs(New window), the Radio-Canada program that tracks fake news. In short, it’s a joke, a post aimed at generating laughter and attention.

On TikTok, there are only two videos where we see someone pouring the drug on chicken breasts. The rest of the videos are just amazed and disgusted reactions to these two publications, which are several months old.

One of the videos, uploaded to the Reddit site(New window)is even two years old.

No cases of hospitalizations caused by Nyquil chicken are reported in the FDA’s online post. This is rather the warning from the FDA(New window) who drew attention to this joke, present on the Internet since 2017 on 4chan, a forum where dark and quirky humor reigns supreme.

The Buzzfeed site reported yesterday that TikTok(New window) had counted only five searches for chicken in Nyquil the day before the FDA release. At the start of this week, that number was 1,400 times higher.

To make react

It wouldn’t be the first time that videos involving an absurd amount of food or unappetizing mixes have gone viral on TikTok; this is a strangely popular type of post on the social network. The purpose of these things is to make people react, says Jeff Yates. If only to generate attention.

For the journalist, this is another example of moral panic in reaction to this new social network used by young people.

There is something generational, adults understand the platform less, journalists are adults too, he says. Each platform has its culture, its cultural referents. From seeing propagated videos, if you don’t know the purpose of disgusting recipes on TikTok, maybe you don’t understand.

Let’s make it clear though: it’s not a good idea to cook chicken in Nyquil. The FDA is right to point out that even if you don’t eat it, cooking fumes can be dangerous and cause serious health issues.

If you really want a great chicken recipe that will impress your social circle, try this shish taouk chicken recipe insteadlike in a restaurant.

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