The CPE network threatened by the shortage of executives

The effects are already being felt in many settings. In the municipality of Scott en Beauce, a temporary CPE is due to open on Monday, but without an installation director. Eva Isabelle Goupil, installation director at the CPE des Petits Pommiers, in St-Isidore, will have to take care of the management of this new center … Read more

Starlink is available in all continents, including Antarctica

Launch of the Starlink. Courtesy of @SpaceX in Twitter. star link, the star project of Elon Musk, is available in all continents. Yes, the Internet service for Starlink satellites is located at the McMurdo estación on the Costa de la Antártida, which means that ahora is available on all continents. The Fundación Nacional de Ciencias, … Read more

Law 96: an American company stops shipping its products to Quebec individuals

The Colorado-based accessory maker states on its website thatDue to French language requirements of Bill 96, we have temporarily suspended shipments to Quebec, Canada. OtterBox explains on its site that Law 96 requires a platform in French in all sales and marketing points. The company adds that it is working to comply with the law … Read more

Youtube dará a los creadores de Shorts el 45 por ciento de las ventas de anuncios

Youtube hold an ace bajo the manga to compete with the trough of TikTok. Y es que la plataforma de vídeos, que rivaliza con los cortos vídeos de TikTok a través de sus Shortsha anunciado que daría a los creadores de content el 45 por ciento de los ingresos publicitarios generados con sus vídeos en … Read more

Canada’s tipping culture is flawed, experts say

According to food economist Mike von Massow, tipping has become a well-established societal norm in Canada, especially with payment machines. Payment terminals have made it easy for businesses to offer a tipping option, even in industries where gratuity was not part of their business practices. The situation is all the more worryingAccording to von Massow, … Read more

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