Would you vote for a naughty girl?

In her erotic picture book wild confessionspublished in 2010, Anne-Marie Losique lays herself bare in every sense of the word.

On page 69 (I swear I’m not making this up), we see AML in a chip shop, breasts in the air, eating poutine gravy that was accidentally spilled on the breasts of a pretty girl with bare breasts.

The next page, she shares a fries greedily devoured by a very pretty bare-breasted waitress.

I ask you the question, twelve years later: could Anne-Marie Losique be a candidate for the Parti Québécois in Laval? Or would the local Liberal candidate find that it offends good morals?


Since the Courier from Laval took himself for the parish leaflet of the little Curés du Sexe by revealing the one and only participation of the candidate of the PQ in a porn film, I am stunned by the prudishness of certain commentators.

Than the one who has never read a magazine with one hand, than the one who has never read 50 Shades of Gray under the sheets throw the first stone at him.

To tell you the truth, I am on the c…

As I said to Benoit Dutrizac this week on QUB radio, “just because you show your nipples doesn’t mean you’ve lost your brain”. This young woman has committed no crime and yet she is dragged through the mud like the adulterous women of The scarlet lettera novel written… in 1850.

But where do these puritans come from?

We live in Quebec, where the smallest village has its strip club and it would be scandalized because a young and pretty woman played in a film of buttocks?

In the province where careers have been propelled by films like Valerie and two golden women ?

In Quebec, it’s been a long time that we no longer take offense at the parts of legs in the air of our neighbors. One of our most famous writers, Nelly Arcan, did she not describe in Whore her experience as an escort when she was a student at UQAM?

Misère, it was in Quebec that another UQAM arts student, Hélène Boudreau, rose to fame by having her topless photograph taken in her graduation photo before finding fame with gummy candies in the shape of a cubs.


Right now I’m reading misconduct, the latest book by Emma Becker. This talented French writer had created quite a stir with her book The Housein which she recounted her years spent working in a brothel in Berlin.

In MisconductBecker tells how much she likes to “suck some b…” and shares this little happiness with lots of men around her.

I confess that I find his endless description of blowjobs given right and left very boring.

But when I saw the Laval scandal, I asked myself this question: “Is there one thing that bothers men more than a woman who likes sex and does what she wants? with his body? »

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