With “Consolation”, Apple offers a shoulder to cry on

After years of a pandemic that have been difficult for many, the French singer-songwriter Pomme wants to offer comfort to the women in her life, to her audience, but also to herself. With Consolationher third album, which will be released on August 26, she lends a musical shoulder to lean on.

If his previous album, Loopholesfocused on “what’s wrong” in her life, with darker songs recounting her anxieties, Claire Pommet, known as Pomme, wanted to go in a completely different direction for this new opus.

“As an adult, I aspire to be well, she says straight away to Subway, in an interview. I was looking for consolation in all these things that I exposed to everyone [dans Les Failles] and I found them in people around me to whom I wrote songs in the form of letters.

Her talent as an author is no longer to be proven. On this third disc, she once again offers lyrics that touch the heart, with the possibility of transforming a pain into something soothing for both her and her audience.

“Writing those songs was really consoling. It was a source of comfort. Every time I wrote a song, I was always more peaceful after writing than before,” she says.

Collectively, I realized that we needed consolation and that we didn’t value consolation very much. We look for a lot of solutions to problems, but sometimes we forget to console ourselves.


Consoling the women in his life

The title of the album, Consolationfirst came to Apple one morning in February 2021, when she was on Île d’Orléans and had just finished writing her song nellya touching tribute to the late Quebec writer Nelly Arcan.

After discovering the work and life of Nelly Arcan at the beginning of last year, the singer experienced a “huge artistic shock”. Marked by the author’s tragic end of life, she needed consolation, which she was able to find in the writing of her song.

“Typically it was a situation that had no solution, unfortunately. I needed comfort and I needed to feel that it was not in vain, that his work and his story had a purpose”, explains the one who recently married singer-songwriter Safia Nolin. .

The music video of the song nelly of Apple

Nelly Arcan is far from the only one to whom Apple is dedicating a song on this new album.

There are indeed titles inspired by the women who shaped her, such as her mother and her friends, or the French singer-songwriter Barbara in B. and the Japanese heroine Chihiro from the eponymous animated film on River.

“All of this was part of both the theme of consolation and the desire to celebrate the inspiring female figures around me. And Nelly Arcan is one of them because I’ve always had ties with people I’ve never met. I have always felt close to artists without ever having spoken to them or having known them”, she explains.

According to Apple, his album’s “ultimate consolation song” is September, which is addressed to one of her best friends with fragile mental health. “It’s about wanting to be there for someone, about pure and deep friendship and about dealer with the mental health of her friends in a time when it is very hard to have a stable mental health”, she underlines.

electro-organic touch

However, there is nothing more soothing than nature, they say.

For the Frenchwoman who sails between the two sides of the Atlantic, it is the Quebec winter “with violent temperatures” that she prefers. Consolation was also largely recorded during the cold season in the municipality of Saint-Zénon, Quebec.

While remaining close to the minimalist folk to which she has accustomed us.es, with songs alone on the guitar, Pomme also explores more electro and synthetic sounds, especially on Blue, B. and Hello.

For the co-production of the album, she called on the artist Flavien Berger, whose specialty is to make experimental electronic music from organic sounds. “We recorded a lot of sounds of stones being thrown on the ice in a lake, noises from the city. It was a perfect introduction for me to more electronic music, because it looks like me,” she says.

Credit: Lian Benoit/Courtesy

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