Wild assault in Saint-Roch: two men charged with aggravated assault and sexual assault

The two men arrested in connection with a savage assault on Saint-Joseph Street on Sunday night will appear to face charges of assault with a weapon as well as two sexual assaults.

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The first accused, Patrick Toussaint, is the man suspected of having struck a violent blow with a metal cane to a 19-year-old victim. The Thetford Mines resident faces one count of aggravated assault using a weapon.

The second individual, Martin Roussin-Bizier, is facing two charges of sexual assault on two women aged 18 and 19. She was celebrating her birthday the same day.

Martin Roussin-Bizier

Courtesy picture

Martin Roussin-Bizier

Roussin-Bizier, 39, who lives in East Broughton, was disguised as a woman the night of the attack because he was celebrating his bachelor party and was to get married in the coming weeks.

Martin Roussin-Bizier

Courtesy picture

Martin Roussin-Bizier


The DPCP opposed the release of the two defendants. Their lawyers have therefore requested the holding of a release investigation which will be held on Friday, but the hearing of which will be subject to a publication ban.

Me Michel Bérubé, the Crown prosecutor indicated that the investigation was still ongoing and that other charges could be filed without giving more details.

According to witnesses of the attack, the victim would have intervened after one of the suspects, taking advantage of the taking of a photo within the framework of a bachelor party, touched one of his friends.

An altercation reportedly ensued and it was then that the second man, Patrick Toussaint, allegedly hit the 19-year-old violently on the back of the head with a metal cane that was used for a disguise.

Friends of the victim

During the appearance, several relatives of the attacked young man were on site, including his father. The 19-year-old victim was not there, she who suffered a fractured skull.

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