Why is Wellington Street the coolest in the world?

The Verdun love is being felt internationally as the media Time Out declared Wellington Street to be the most cool in the world. Subway went to meet a few traders to find out, according to them, why the Well is so swell.

Some 33 streets in the world are in the prize list and it is in Verdun that the palme d’or is awarded. This is the first time that a Canadian city has been included in this list, which is released annually. Last year the high street winner was Smith Street in Melbourne, Australia.

How does the media, which works worldwide in urban discoveries, manage to establish its ranking? the Time Out surveys 20,000 citizens of the world by asking them to select the most cool in their opinion. Subsequently, local publishers of the media classify everything. They evaluate, among other things, the pleasure and the community spirit that one feels there, if one eats and drinks well there, and if culture and art are generously valued there.

That’s all well and good, publishers and citizens of the world, but why according to the main interested parties – the merchants of the Well – does the street deserve the gold medal?

Feeling on vacation in Montreal

Feel the sea wind in the middle of the metropolis? It is possible on the Wellington. The beach is a short walk from the central street.

Manu Perrier, owner of Café Le 5e and resident of Verdun for ten years, believes that “[la Well] looks like the seaside. “A guy went barefoot with his surfboard earlier: you feel like you’re on vacation,” he says.

Emé Tardif-Bennet and Manu Perrier from the Café on the 5the

Bernard Turcotte, owner of the bookstore Les bons débarras, open since 2015 on the artery “the most cool», also thinks that the access to the water’s edge gives the sector an inimitable uniqueness on the rest of the island of Montreal.

Bernard Turcotte from the bookstore Les bons débarras

Community spirit

Verdun is a place that “brings people of all ages together and people help each other,” also notes Emé Tardif-Bennet, barista and manager of Café Le 5eto explain the first place of the Well.

We can see this in particular in the Facebook groups of the Verdun community, where people advise and support each other on a daily basis.

According to Neil Melendez, of the bar Social, Verdunois for 18 years, the diversity of the neighborhood is its strength. Wellington Street is also safe and the cohabitation between the different means of transport is done in goodwill, he rejoices.

Neil Melendez from the Social bar / Photo credits: Brian Crane

The variety of events, activities and businesses throughout the year

“I find that it is the busiest street at the moment, especially after COVID”, remarks for his David Asseraph, boss of the Comptoir 21 restaurant, on the Well for eight years.

Neil Melendez is also enthusiastic about the variety of activities that can be practiced there. As the Wellington Business Development Corporation is dedicated to boosting commercial and cultural life on Wellington with all kinds of initiatives and events, the street is constantly in motion. “There was a parade of insects [des marionnettes géantes] for no other reason than to have a parade of insects”, mentions Emé Tarif-Bennet, laughing.

The vast choice of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, all gathered in one place, also has something to satisfy both locals and visitors looking for a good dose of cool.

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