What to do in Montreal on August 26? | Montreal

What’s happening in your city today? Subway shares five useful facts about Montreal.

French singer-songwriter Pomme wants to offer comfort to the women in her life, to her audience, but also to herself with the release of her third album, Consolationwhich appears today.

Don’t be surprised if you come across puppets on your way to Verdun, until September 10. For the eleventh time, Promenade Wellington will host the Plein la rue Puppet Festival.

A crew of 12 women and people from the LGBTQ2S+ community set out to explore the Gulf of St. Lawrence aboard the EcoMaris sailboat to document and study plastic pollution.

The musicians Bleachers have prepared a concert that takes the form of an immersive experience at Club Soda.

Breaks in service are to be expected to drive your children back to school at the start of the school year due to recent disagreements between the government and school transporters.

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