What are the issues for citizens of the West Island?

While the provincial election campaign has been underway for more than a week now, we can see that it arouses very little enthusiasm among the twenty or so people met at random, at the beginning of last September, at the Fairview shopping center in Pointe-Claire. in the west of the island.

Various issues

What do you think are the main issues for the West Island of Montreal? Which political party do you like? Health, inflation, education and the environment are, in that order, the main issues identified in this mini survey.

The comment by Berkane, a high school teacher, sums up the feeling of concern about the economic situation in Quebec. “Our buying power has really gone down. Inflation affects us at all levels. We have to work harder and longer to ensure our basic needs”.

Berkane. /CP: Robert Dolbec

For her part, Catherine considers that the environment is unquestionably the priority issue for the next election. “We need concrete actions and not just words. We are talking here about the future of our planet”.

Catherine/CP: Robert Dolbec

The financing of the health network and especially the occupancy rate of the Lakeshore General Hospital’s emergency room also figure in the list of answers obtained.

Lack of enthusiasm

Surprisingly, none of the people we met wanted to support a particular political party. Zero out of twenty.

Although he considers that education should be valued, Mohammad has very little interest in the current election campaign. “My friends and I don’t like to talk about overly political subjects. Personally, I will watch the programs of the various parties during the week which will precede the general election”.

Mohammad/CP: Robert Dolbec

The comment from Bill, a resident of Baie d’Urfé, is sharper and is shared by a majority of respondents. “Anyway, we know who will win. It’s settled in advance. Four parties will share the votes that the Liberal Party will not have obtained. I believe that the Conservative Party of Quebec will eat away at it a little, but it will be far from enough,” explained the resident.

According to the polling aggregation site Qc 125, the popularity of the Quebec Liberal Party is on the decline in the West Island of Montreal, but the three ridings will again be won hands down by the Liberal Party of Quebec. .

Indeed, the Liberal Party obtained 58% of the vote in the Robert Baldwin riding, 58% in Nelligan and 57% in Jacques-Cartier. The closest opponents are the Conservative Party of Quebec with 16% in Robert Baldwin and 22% in Jacques-Cartier. The Coalition Avenir Québec would however be second in Nelligan with 22%.

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