Video games: streaming platforms in decline

Video game enthusiasts are visiting streaming platforms less and less, revealed a report published on Wednesday by software data companies Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet. This decline in interest is attributed to the gradual lifting of health restrictions around the world.

Between April and June this year, 273 million hours were streamed by Instagrammers on Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming, the report says. (New window). This is 19.4% less than in 2021, and 12% less than the previous quarter.

Same observation on the decline in the time spent by Internet users on these three platforms: 7.36 billion hours were viewed there during the period analyzed, a fall of 8.4% compared to the quarter extending from January to march.

The numbers for Facebook Gaming are the most concerning, according to Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet. The number of viewing hours fell by half, compared to last year, while the number of broadcast hours declined by 62%.

Twitch remains the biggest player in the industry, with 76.7% market share in terms of hours watched, and 92.7% in terms of content broadcast by instavideasts. But these results are well below the figures for 2021.

The only positive note on the board: the networking category Just Chatting, on Twitch, whose viewing hours this spring increased by 2.2%. The Grand Theft Auto V and League of Legends categories follow, with 465 million and 464 million hours watched respectively.

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