Verdun Luv, week of August 24, 2022

The concept of local development, put forward for thirty years in Verdun, has created citizen mobilization and above all contributed to developing a sense of pride and belonging in our community. We have brought together business people and citizens around the same objective. After promoting for a few years the slogan I have my heart in VerdunVerdun Luv became our reference ten years ago to continue to energize our community and nurture this synergy between business people and residents.

The Verdun Luv column is published weekly in Metro IDS-Verdun.

$25,000 for the Champlain and Manoir-de-Verdun Foundation

Lise Dubreuil, president of the Champlain and Manoir-de-Verdun Foundation, is accompanied by Pascal Rochette and Michel Gaudette, the honorary presidents of the Foundation’s recent annual golf tournament, which brought in $25,000.

Bike repair kiosk

A free bike repair service has been offered since the beginning of summer on the banks of the St. Lawrence, an initiative of the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi (CJE) of Verdun and the Toujours Ensemble organization. Michael Bruneau, Eduardo Alvarado and Serge Cornu are part of the Projet Vélo team.

Alain Beauchamp back in Verdun

Alain Beauchamp was for 20 years (1978-1998) the owner of the Woodland Toyota dealership. Alain lived in the Saint-Sauveur region for 15 years and is delighted to be back in the L’Île-des-Sœurs district for two years.

Hairdresser or hairdresser… for her and Him

The FM hair salon for him or her has been on the street on Promenade Wellington since 1979. Among the members of the current team, you will find Jackie, Chantal and Carole, who still have fun taking care of you every day, from Tuesday to Saturday.

Eli and mom are very fond of cycling

Educator for 11 years with autistic children, Verdunoise Miria Demuri takes every opportunity to find good and attractive businesses on Promenade Wellington, in the company of her son Eli, who is already two years old. Enjoy your lunch!

Énergie Cardio, the pride of being number one!

Pierre-Olivier Dumoulin, owner and manager of the Énergie Cardio training room located on Promenade Wellington, was pleased to tell us that his establishment ranks first among the network’s thirty franchises in Quebec for performance in terms of new subscribers in July.

Alexandria, another girl at the Langlais

Prisca, the daughter of retired former caterer Richard Langlais and Micheline Lefebvre, gave birth to a second child on June 12 in Malaysia. Her name will be Alexandria. Prisca is also the mother of Olivia, who is now two and a half years old. For the Langlais, this is the fifth grandchild in their in-laws.

Carole was able to avoid COVID-19

Even if she does not wear a mask when she rides a bike on the banks of the Saint-Laurent, the Verdunoise Carole Beaulieu wears one regularly in places where there is the slightest gathering.

A choice of 14 flavors

Elena Matsuo, co-owner of Café Komma Rosta, along with her daughter Naomi (five months), has a moment at work to spread out this lovely selection of frozen drinks, currently available at her business located on Promenade Wellington.

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