Vancouver-Montreal by bike: Hugo’s long journey

He did it ! With great pedal strokes and the strength of his heart, Hugo Lambert rallied Vancouver to Montreal by bicycle. The 24-year-old student crossed the finish line of his long journey today, ahead of the University of Montreal. Fifty days, five provinces and 5000 kilometers later, he has arrived at his destination.

Hugo embarked on this cross-Canada adventure on July 18, in memory of his mother, who died of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), more commonly known as Charcot’s Disease.

He wanted, through his journey, to educate a large number of people about ALS and raise funds for the French association Association for Research Against ALS (ARSLA) and for the ALS Society of Quebec, which support patients. .

A crowd of friends, supporters, sponsors and media had gathered in the moments before Hugo’s arrival, to welcome him and celebrate his exploits. On the last day, sympathetic cyclists had joined him to accompany him in the last kilometers.

hard times

Company, Hugo did not always have during his crossing of Canada. Asked about the difficult moments of his trip, he evokes “solitude”, “Saskatchewan”, “the plains”.

If no one was present to physically encourage him on the side of Saskatchewan roads and hand him bottles of water, Hugo was still able to count on significant support on social networks. On Instagram, the adventurer shared his daily life, which allowed his audience to follow his progress from a distance.

“My mother guided me in all my pedal strokes and when it was difficult I talked to her. It gave meaning to my trip, says Hugo. There were lots of people behind me and a whole team that helped me move forward.

“The machine is tired”

Back in Montreal, where he has lived for seven years, Hugo says he is both happy and sad. But also exhausted. “The machine is tired. It’s the end of an emotionally charged adventure,” he says.

At the end of his adventure, he managed to collect $50,000. Part of the donations allowed him to support himself on the trip. The entire remainder will be donated to ARSLA and the ALS Society of Quebec.

“My mother would be happy to see what her children achieved, because my brother joined me too. We brought the family together around this project. She would be happy to see people gathered here. All I did was put a little love into my actions, and that’s what she wanted in life. To put love, to put the heart”, he affirms.

Vancouver-Montreal is not Hugo’s first cycling adventure. In 2019, from Montreal, he traveled to Washington on his iron horse. In 2021, accompanied by his brother, he traveled the way to Santiago de Compostela in Europe.

Images of the French cyclist’s adventure can be viewed on his Instagram account u_go_travel.

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