Turn your car into a billboard to find a new kidney

Ms. Onishenko has had diabetes since her early teens. However, in recent years, the disease began to have an impact on the functioning of her kidneys, forcing her to undergo dialysis at the same time.

For me, having a new kidney would change my lifeexplains the woman. It would mean that I could finally resume the course of my life.

With kidneys that are only around 9% functioning, every day is getting harder and harder for Ms Onishenko.

I’m already very weak and keep getting weaker and weakershe laments. I miss being able to do the things I used to love because I don’t have the strength anymore.

On the back window of his car, it reads: “Need a type O kidney. Share the one you have in reserve”.

Photo: CBC/Travis Reddaway

Since she installed the message on her car, many people have contacted her. While some calls come from people waiting for organs, others have chosen to get tested to find out if they would be potentially compatible.

Despite the originality of this campaign, Debbie Onishenko is not the first to ask publicly for a new organ. Other Canadians have used a similar method before, including a New Brunswicker in 2018.

The Saskatoon resident hopes that the message written on her car will make her fellow citizens realize how lucky they are to be healthy while raising awareness about organ donation.

I want people to know that health is the most important thing in our lives. It is very precious, it must be taken care of. »

A quote from Debbie Onishenko

According to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, as of July 31, 57 people were waiting for a kidney from a deceased donor. A person was waiting for a living donor.

With information from Alexander Quon

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