Trisomy 21: a cry from the heart that has borne fruit

The relief is immense for this mother of a child with trisomy 21 who will finally be welcomed into a respite home and accommodation for caregivers.

The tide has turned for Lili Lévesque. The mother of young William Tremblay, 15, gave a poignant testimony in July, to TVA Nouvelles. She said she was out of breath and deprived of resources for many years. She pointed to the rehabilitation center for intellectual disabilities (CRDI) of Bas-St-Laurent.

Less than 24 hours after the broadcast of our report; Ms. Lévesque received a call she had been waiting for impatiently.

“I received a warm and very important call. La Jolie Maison de Mont-Joli, which provides respite for people like me, called me. They agreed to take William a few times a week,” rejoiced Ms. Lévesque.

The president of La Jolie Maison wanted to support this family. “When I saw their situation, I said to myself that it could not stay like this. I would have done that for any family. It’s important to show our support,” summed up Lisette Rioux.

After fighting against the system for years for better moral and financial support, Lili Lévesque sends a message of hope to all families struggling to receive respite “Don’t be discouraged. There is a long way to go, but we will succeed in making our situation heard.

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