TOASTS! – The discoveries of August 2022

Hear, hear, summer is already coming to an end and we want to take full advantage of the few beautiful days left! Every month, LET’S CRINK! discover with you products and places conducive to making us raise our glass very high, whether with family, colleagues or friends. Beers, spirits, products of all kinds and trendy establishments. Cheers!

Miele Sour Lemonade and Pineapple

Iberville Spirits

The Miele amaretto from Spiritueux Iberville offers an exciting bouquet of chamomile, toasted sesame, pears and almonds. These fragrances, delicate and comforting, gave the inspiration to push this product even further.

Here are two ready-to-drink versions of the classic amaretto sour, the Miele Sour Lemonade and the new Miele Sour Pineapple! An effervescent drink with the flavors of Miele amaretto, to which is added the acidity of real lemon and pineapple juice, to create the refreshing drink par excellence for your most beautiful summer moments! Good news, it is currently on sale at the SAQ!

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Rosemont rum baba

Montreal Distillery

Give a delicate vanilla “twist” to your coffee with this brand new Rum Baba rum from the Montreal Distillery! This rum relies on a harmony of generous and comforting flavors, like the dessert from which it takes its name. With its fruity sweetness, the Rosemont Pineapple Rum was an ideal base. The flavors of this rum are combined with those of currants, caramel and vanilla from Madagascar. A real comforting delight.

With its 32.5% alcohol, this rich product is sweet enough to be consumed as a liqueur and will enhance coffees, ice creams and many other desserts! Let your imagination run wild!

Cocktail idea – Baba Horchata:

  • 20 ml Rosemont Rum Baba
  • 20 ml Rum Rosemont l’Après-ski
  • 10ml maple syrup
  • 120ml unsweetened almond milk

Shake briskly in a shaker filled with ice, pour into a glass and garnish with ground cinnamon.

Find the Baba au rhum Rosemont at the SAQ!

Florida Snowbird Gin

Wabasso Distillery

“Summer is all about the water,” says iconic snowbird Linda. She enjoys life, tropical gin in hand, comfortably installed on her inflatable rabbit signed Distillerie Wabasso. A refreshing dip in typical Quebec soil, where spruce meets the exoticism and typical flavors of Florida. Admit that it makes you thirsty!

It’s not just Linda who can take it easy in the pool. With Wabasso Florida Snowbird gin, you too will have this pleasant feeling of floating above your occupations, on vacation or not. Imagined by the Wabasso Distillery, this fresh and light gin plunges you into the state of mind of the snowbird, letting you migrate quietly to your ideal world. Here, even bitterness tastes heaven. Grapefruit first, then yuzu.

Make fun of gray weather by adding an umbrella to your glass of Florida Snowbird. No question of wetting that beautiful hair. Especially not before 5 à 7. Cheers (wet or dry) this season which will be yours!

Find Wabasso Florida Snowbird gin at the SAQ!

Tite Frette

Your new beer merchant!

In a decor combining vintage and modernism, masculinity and femininity, come and discover all the richness of the beers brewed in Quebec by a few hundred microbreweries that can be paired, if desired, with unique local products selected from all over Quebec. The 100% Quebec specialty store network will have more than 54 stores across the province by December 2022.

Find a ton of local products, microbrewery beers, Quebec wines, ciders, ready-to-drink, as well as an amazing selection of local products for simple and effective dinners! Don’t forget to call on Tite Frette for all your events, happy hours with friends, office parties and for all your gifts! Tite Frette, your new merchant: I save, I discover, I drink better!

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Marigot Distillery

A marvel of taste with an evolving and complete aromatic structure! Distilled in Gaspésie, the spirits of the Distillerie des Marigots are distinguished by their quality, their refinement and the richness of their flavors, typical of the terroir in which they are part. Their Récif gin reflects the generosity of the Gaspé territory with its moss-covered undergrowth, its fields of wild flowers and its scents of the sea.

This gin is composed of a base of herbs traditionally used in gins, offering a well-known landmark to lovers of this spirit, namely juniper berry, angelica root and coriander seed. A myriad of herbs from the Gaspé region are then added, far from being traditional: artemisia flower, balsam poplar bud, confluent polypore, lemon balm leaf, tense alder kitten, fireweed, larch sprout, caraway seed, cow parsnip umbel, Scotch lovage leaf and wild rose bud.

All of these ingredients are wild and responsibly harvested or locally grown.

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