Threat of exclusion for UQAM insiders who speak to the media

Speaking to the media is not welcome for insiders at UQAM’s School of…Media, learned Subway.

Following the publication of an article reporting on the positive changes during the initiations of communication students at the university, one of the members of the organization threatened the initiates who have or will speak to the media to be excluded from initiations.

The festivities serve to welcome new and new uqamiens and take place in public places in Montreal.

The pub crawl that took place last Wednesday was also respectful and cheerful, according to what Subway saw by attending.

A word from one of the members of the organizing committee of the initiations however came to disturb the party.

“We would like to remind you that under no circumstances can you speak with the media under the risk of having your bracelet cut off. [qui donne accès aux activités]“, was it written on Facebook.

The publication on the Facebook group of initiations

On Friday, the same person was also actively looking for the names of those who agreed to speak to Subway… who, however, only had positive things to say.

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