This free app films 1 second of your daily life to store your memories

1 Second Everyday, or 1 second per day in French, is a mobile application that tells our story, one second at a time. Every day, she sends us a notification inviting us to take a short video sequence that will be transformed into a video montage at the end of the year.

There are so many beautiful moments in life, funny, striking, tragic moments; how can we remember all this? It is around this question that the 1 Second Everyday application was born.

To give you an idea, 1 second a day for 10 years would give us a film of about 60 minutes, and if we last for 50 years, we would have accumulated 5 hours of footage.

Imagine how moving it would be to watch the result as a family after so much time documenting our daily lives… Just the thought makes us want to try!

An incentive to give value to each day

A second here, a second there, we just need to take out our phone or tablet, open the 1 Second Everyday app, shoot 1 second every day and it’s done.

Each of the mini-sequences is edited one after the other to constitute the film of our year.

An overview of the 1 Second Everyday mobile app interface on mobile.

If we can remember each day with a small sequence, it makes us realize how fast time flies and how precious it is.

Making it happen to us is the mission given to Cesar Kuriyama, the founder of the app, which has also won several awards since its launch in 2011.

Every day, we can choose that the application sends us a reminder that invites us to film a short sequence of a maximum of 1.5 seconds of our day. We can even add notes and our location.

The app takes care of the rest. That is to say, 1 Second Everyday will add the sequences in order in a video montage at the end of the period that we have chosen.

A pro version to go even further

If the application is basically free, there is also a paid version if you want to go further in storing your memories.

If the free version allows us to store an unlimited number of 1.5 second clips for a full year, the paid version gives us much more.

Basically, for a little less than US$65 per year, you have access to:

  • Storing 10 second snippets rather than 1.5 seconds;
  • An unlimited number of extracts per day;
  • Unlimited backup for the number of years you want;
  • Unlimited number of different projects;
  • Collaboration between friends;
  • A music editor to add to our snippets;
  • Controlling the brightness and volume of our videos;
  • Support, and more.

app 1 second everyday free version vs Pro

An overview of the differences between the free version and the pro version of 1 Second Everyday.

What’s nice is that we can start with the free version to see if we like the concept of the application without having to give our payment information.

Then, if we want to unlock more, we are entitled to a 7-day free trial to test the pro features, but we will be billed for the year via the App Store or the Play Store if we do not cancel by after.

Whichever option one chooses, it really is a great app to check out that helps us make every day count!

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