The war of the 3D toques: long live the adventure!

In 1984, the late André Melançon placed his stone in Quebec’s collective memory by producing the first – and perhaps the prettiest – Conte pour tous: The tuque war.

In 2016, this classic of classics was given a second life in animation, in a joyful and moving version of the adventures of Luc and Sophie around a fort.

So why not invent a new family tradition by reviewing The war of the 3D hats? The youngest will create new memories by discovering this ingenious universe where two groups of friends, during a snowy holiday, will compete with blows of snowballs. But adults will also find their account easily, since the animation, and especially the tone, mischievous and deep at the same time, are more than faithful to the original version.

And honestly, whether it’s in an animated version or not, hearing “War, war, it’s not a reason to get hurt” again, it always makes a little velvet.

Cléo the dog, in The War of the Hats 3D Photo: Seville Films

Yes, The War of the 3D Hats is faithful to the original film, and we thank him for that. But she also has her own little something extra. The animation, first, is colorful and fluid. Add to that the voices given to the iconic characters of Sophie, Luc, Lucie, Chabot or François-les-lunettes, who may now have, in our minds, the colors of those of Mariloup Wolfe, Nicholas Savard L’Herbier, Sophie Cadieux, Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc and Gildor Roy.

Nice success in the room, The War of the 3D Hats also has this attractive advantage: that of being a stereoscopic animated film produced entirely in Quebec.

A pride of which we have the right to boast, so much, in the end, the illusion is perfect. Because we challenge anyone not to be heartbroken at the fate of the dog Cleo or filled with emotion when the butterflies start flying between Luc and Sophie. In real life or in animation.

The trailer (source: YouTube)

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