The truth: QS freelancing in public health

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Several candidates from the health field are running for the next elections. In this first ballot since the start of the pandemic, however, there are very few public health experts.

In a post on Twitter, the chief of staff of Québec solidaire, Renaud Poirier St-Pierre, said: “Québec solidaire is the only party that has managed to attract public health experts following the pandemic.”


Mr. Poirier St-Pierre is right. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, QS is the only one of the five major parties to have attracted public health experts in view of the provincial elections. Mélissa Généreux, medical specialist in public health and former director of public health in Estrie, is running in the riding of Saint-François. Yv Bonnier-Viger, doctor, epidemiologist and regional director of public health, solicits the riding of Gaspé. For her part, Renée-Chantal Belinga, a public health student, will try to be elected in Viau.

Among the Liberals, remember that Monsef Derraji, who is seeking a second term in Nelligan, obtained his doctorate in public health last March.

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