The PQ hits on domestic violence

In the aftermath of the eighth feminicide of the year in Quebec, the Parti Québécois (PQ) is tackling the scourge of domestic violence. To try to curb it, the PQ are proposing the creation of a Ministry for the Status of Women as well as a reform of the Act respecting labor standards, in order to provide in particular ten days of leave for all victims of violence. marital.

The formation of Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is also committed to applying all the recommendations of the report rebuild trustproduced between 2018 and 2020 by the committee of experts on support for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Support and prevention

“The issue of violence against women is horribly topical; last year, no fewer than 26 women were killed, two-thirds of them in a marital context. Since the start of 2022, eight have already lost their lives in similar circumstances. Collectively, as well as as legislators, we have a responsibility to find solutions to end the cycle of violence and help these women,” the PQ leader said this morning.

In its fight against feminicides and violence in the home, the PQ intends to focus on three axes of the report rebuild trust. The PQ would focus primarily on support for victims, prevention and ensure broader access to legal aid.

In this sense, an emergency fund would be set up to meet the essential needs of victims of domestic violence in Quebec, such as accommodation, or psychosocial and legal support.

Measures would also be taken in the area of ​​prevention, in particular with the promotion of the evaluation program for violent spouses and ongoing training in matters of sexual and conjugal violence for interveners, police officers and lawyers practicing family law.

Finally, victims of domestic violence would have ten hours of free legal services.

Ministry of the Status of Women

A Ministry for the Status of Women, with its own budgets, would see the light of day under a PQ government.

“Within this ministry itself, a secretariat will be entirely devoted to the coordination and integration of actions in the area of ​​sexual and domestic violence, including the measures of rebuild trust“, detailed Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

According to the PQ, the ministry would have a supervisory role and would be responsible for ensuring that women receive fair treatment in all spheres of society.

“He will come to oversee all action in terms of women’s rights and the fight against violence, which will thus find the stability, credibility, visibility and leeway that are necessary for its advancement,” added the PQ leader. .

Last week, the PQ had already considered the question of the status of women in Quebec society. The party then proposed an amendment to the Pay Equity Act to combat gender pay inequalities.

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