The Parti Québécois reveals its slogan

The PQ leader, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, said he was ready more than ever for the election campaign which will begin in a week.

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When met in a Quebec printing press by TVA Nouvelles, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon was like a football player ready to jump on the field. The PQ wants to convince voters that with the Parti Québécois, it is Quebec that takes responsibility for real.

“It means that for everything that is important to us, the right to decide for ourselves, the future of French, climate change, the dignity of our elders, we do not arrive with half- measures, then half-truths. We will assume answers that are complete, ”he explained.

The PQ leader relies heavily on her team of candidates to bring back voters who have abandoned her political party.

“Look at these people. Look at their eyes, these are people who are there out of conviction for the right reasons, because they deeply love Quebec. They will not accept decline and half-truths, half-measures,” he repeated in an interview.

As we celebrate the 100th birthday of founding father René Lévesque, disappointed PQ members who have joined the ranks of QS or the CAQ have often criticized several leaders for setting aside the DNA of the party.

The PQ has put an advertisement online, first on social networks, which is intended to snub Québec Solidaire, the other independence party. At the end of the commercial, a voiceover says: “It’s people, they have a name, they are the separatists and, the separatists, they go to the Parti Québécois.”

The PQ leader was on fire: “I assume everything, they assume everything, we are not here out of opportunism. We are here to ask questions. It will not be a flat campaign. Look into my eyes, we want to debate the future, we want to debate at a turning point in the history of Quebec,” he concluded.

In the coming days, 40,000 signs will line the 125 constituencies. The PQ has already planned to spend $1.5 million for its billboards and advertising campaigns.

The PQ and the Liberals have decided to play the truth in this campaign, if we believe their slogan:

party slogan

PQ: The Quebec that assumes itself. For real.

PLQ: Vote true. Real issues. real solutions

CAQ: Let’s continue

QS: Change era

PCQ: Free with us

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