The first landscaped streets of downtown Montreal

More than 400 alleys are landscaped in Montreal, with vegetation, furniture, or works of art, in particular the famous “green alleys”. But none of them were located downtown, until Thursday. Two colorful alleys were unveiled in this sector by Tourisme Montréal.

One of them, Peel Lane, is located on the thoroughfare of the same name, behind the H&M store. A colorful mural already existed there, highlighting the 100th anniversary of Tourisme Montréal. Another mural by artist Rafael Sottolichio has been added. Street furniture has been added to allow passers-by to stop and relax.

Peel Alley – Éric Martel (Metro)

The other lane is located on Stanley Street, north of Sainte-Catherine Street. There is a fresco on the floor, created by the artist Diane Roe. Easels also present his works. Flower boxes have also been installed on site.

The two alleys will be configured in this way until October 31. The creation of these two spaces cost $70,000.

Color the city center

These two alleys are only “a timid beginning”, if it is up to the general manager of Montreal Centre-Ville, Glen Castanheira. “We are a long way from where we want to be. We want murals on every inch that surrounds us” downtown, he says. The City would like to add 20 landscaped streets downtown over the next three years.

“The alleys of downtown are not chic, admits the general manager of Tourisme Montréal, Yves Lalumière. We find it very important to enhance the attractiveness of places where visitors could live Montreal, not just visit it.”

“These new street art frescoes in the alleys contribute to the DNA of our metropolis and are part of our vision to make downtown Montreal the most beautiful and greenest in North America,” added the responsible for economic development of Montreal, Luc Rabouin.

There have been other attempts to develop lanes in recent years. Pilot projects have even been developed in this direction. However, these failed due to disagreements with neighboring businesses, which use these spaces for waste collection or deliveries.

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