The dramatic comedy Niagara, by Guillaume Lambert, premiered in Quebec

One of the main characters of the film is played by comedian François Pérusse, whom his large number of fans will be able to see in his first major role in the cinema. His only other performance on the big screen dates back to 2018, in comedy The fortuitous scenesGuillaume Lambert’s first feature film in which he briefly plays a narrator.

It was really a great collaboration and I really liked his energy., explains the filmmaker, who wanted to renew the experience, but on a larger scale, in his next film. A bet he believes he has taken up hands down. I am very proud of my choicehe assures.

Katherine Levac and François Pérusse in a scene from “Niagara”

Photo: Entract Films

The humanity of comedians

I’m fascinated by great comedians because when you listen to them talk, then when you take the jokes out of their public persona a bit, there are always very human and very attentive people who come out of it.says Guillaume Lambert.

To support his point, he cites two Hollywood stars who have long been associated with slapstick comedies before successfully trying their hand at a more dramatic register in the early 2000s: Jim Carrey, in Head full of sun (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), and Bill Murray, in unfaithful translation (Lost in Translation).

Guillaume Lambert also says he is influenced by independent American cinema, in particular by directors Noah Baumbach and Paul Thomas Anderson, who often handle drama and comedy with dexterity.

I made the film I wanted to see, which isn’t afraid of emotions, but isn’t afraid of frank jokes either. »

A quote from William Lambert

Falls and Falls

In niagara, François Pérusse plays a fifty-year-old forced to reconnect with his two brothers (Éric Bernier and Guy Jodoin), who had all lost sight of each other for some time. Their reunion is occasioned by the death of their father (Marcel Sabourin), who lost his life trying to succeed in a viral challenge on the Internet, the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The figure of water is a metaphorical common thread that has shaped the scenario. It is the cause of the triggering element of the plot, but it also represents the state of mind in which the protagonists find themselves.

The theme of the fall appeared very quickly, explains Guillaume Lambert. A character who falls to get up better, of course. So I thought of Montmorency Falls and Niagara Falls, which by the way means “the thunder of the waters”. All the characters are driven by a kind of inner anger that has been suppressed for too long.

Festive return to square one

niagara was presented on Thursday at the opening of the Quebec City Film Festival. It is one of the three films which are the subject of a world premiere at the FCVQ, with The 12 Imelda’s workby Martin Villeneuve, and Snow Angelby Gabriel Allard.

Guillaume Lambert was accompanied by some members of the cast of his film, which also includes Ariel Charest, Katherine Levac, Véronic DiCaire and Marie Eykel.

It’s a festival that I really like, then it’s a nice nod to our own film, since the first scene opens on the Montmorency Falls bridge, and it’s the last scene that we touredsays Guillaume Lambert.

And there begins this new adventure in Quebec, so it seems that the circle is complete.

The FCVQ continues until September 11. The complete program can be found online (New window). niagara hits theaters across Quebec on September 16.

This text was written from a interview conducted by Catherine Richercultural columnist on the show On 15-18. Comments may have been edited for clarity or conciseness.

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