The copper print, or the art of unpredictable chemistry

Montreal copper engraver Lucie Jolicoeur Côté, resident of the Manoir Outremont seniors’ home, will exhibit an assortment of works of her own from August 22 to September 16.

“When I was young, I was attracted to science, but in the family, culture is quite important”, immediately confides the artist to Subway. During her travels to New York and then to Italy, the latter therefore became interested in “etching on copper”, which combines art with chemistry.
To work on his favorite material, copper, the artist uses drypoints, metal-lead pencils, varnish, and a secret ingredient: “etching”.

“We scrape, we engrave, we put whatever ingredients on the copper with etching [un acide plus ou moins fort selon l’effet recherché]then when the copper plate is to our liking, we have it printed [à l’aide d’une presse à imprimer]“, she explains.

It is at this moment that the chemistry really takes place, since it is difficult to predict the exact result of the impression. “When you scratch and put acid, [la finition] is hard to predict. You have to be open to change!” exclaims the engraver.

Montreal printmaker Lucie Jolicoeur Côté at work. /CP: screenshot, artist’s website

From Sumer to Outremont

“What interests me most are lines, shapes and space. The color comes after,” explains Ms. Jolicoeur Côté, who began practicing her art in 1991.

The artist also claims to have been deeply marked by the lines and shapes, both simple and sophisticated, of Sumerian art during a visit to the Louvre Museum in Paris, and admits to being inspired by the cuneiform writing of Sumerian art. antiquity in his engravings. “I try to simplify more and more [mes œuvres]. I have a tendency towards simplicity, austerity, infinity and the sacred. Towards the essential.”

Lucie Jolicoeur Côté also hopes that this exhibition will refute the idea that residences are not also spaces for creation. “I hope to change the mentality about residencies and show that when you’re in residency, you can do things!”

The exhibition has no official opening and will take place at the Manoir Outremont from August 22 to September 16.

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