The census and the elections

The newspaper reminded us on Monday of a central fact to remember from the last census: in 2040, Quebec will account for less than 20% of the Canadian population.

In 1995, its weight was more like 25%. In 1966, it was 28.9%. In a few decades, its demographic dissolution will be consummated. All that will remain of the Quebec people is a folkloric remnant condemned elsewhere to struggle pathetically to defend their stumps of rights.


We know the skeptics’ argument: if Quebecers want to maintain their demographic weight, let them have more children. It is a rhetorical decoy. Because if there is indeed a dramatic crisis in the Western birth rate, it in no way explains the present situation.

English Canada is not in a situation of “overbirth” such as would suffice to drown the Quebec people definitively.

This acceleration is explained essentially, if not exclusively, by the massive immigration policy decided by the federal government, subject to the logic of always more.

Ottawa is carried away by an ideological delirium even pushing it to want to reach a population of 100 million Canadians by the end of the century.

The response of Quebec federalist ideologues is well known: to maintain its political weight in the federation, Quebec must itself significantly increase its immigration thresholds. It will thus follow the demographic rhythm of the rest of the country.

We see to what absurdity Canada is leading us.

Because it is precisely the massive immigration policy led by the federal government and its servile Quebec servants that explains the regression of French. Quebec does not have the means to welcome 50,000 immigrants a year (and it receives practically many more). Its integration and francization capacities are saturated.

Massive immigration mathematically leads to the demographic dilution of the historic French-speaking majority, without which there would be no Quebec people. The latter is pushed back more and more out of the greater Montreal area.

So we see the Faustian pact proposed by Canada: Quebec, to maintain its political weight in the federation, must agree to be less and less French, and therefore less Quebecois.

And if he does everything he can to maintain the weight of the historic French-speaking majority and of the French language, he will have less and less weight in the federation.

It is in this context that the October elections will be held, and all those that will follow.


In other words, however much Quebecers make themselves believe that they are building their society by themselves, that becomes a sad illusion. The great speeches about our societal choices belong to the domain of verbal words.

Quebecers do not master the commands allowing them to make the fundamental choices structuring their collective existence. They are content to make choices in a society whose existential and constitutional parameters are set by others.

Parties that do not take this issue seriously will not deserve to be taken seriously on October 3. They are only managers of our disappearance.

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