The Carabins of the University of Montreal start the year on the right foot

MONTREAL – The University of Montreal Carabins began defending their crown with a 26-18 win over the Stingers on Saturday afternoon at State Concordia.

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The two-time defending Dunsmore Cup champions didn’t play a perfect game, but the most talented members of the UdeM squad got the job done.

Unsurprisingly, quarterback Jonathan Sénécal sounded the charge. The pivot of the Blues was spectacular on several occasions, especially when he tried to escape the pressure. The prodigy concluded his matchup with 21 completions on 27 attempts for 276 yards and three touchdowns. He also had 39 yards with his legs.

“His decision-making was really good,” said Carabins head coach Marco Iadeluca. We don’t want him trying to do too much or do things on his own. He was very smart with the ball.”

“It’s instinct. As a quarterback, you have to feel the pressure,” said Sénécal, when asked about his fascinating ability to sneak around like an eel.

His targets in the paying zone were Carl Chabot, Alexandre Jones Dudley and William Legault. Running back Bertrand Beaulieu was no exception, he who amassed 103 yards on 23 carries.

Tough Stingers, at times…

Dominated at the start of the game, the crowd favorites found their comfort in the last moments of the second quarter. Olivier Roy spotted Jacob Salvail on 12 yards to score the club’s first major. The Stingers added a field goal to close the gap 15-10 before returning to the locker room.

Concordia’s defense frustrated their rivals as soon as action returned, closing the door on third down and scoring. The Carabins, however, managed a safety touchdown the next play, which cut the momentum in Stingers.

“It was one of the key games,” Iadeluca said. There’s a change in momentum when you get stopped at the goal gate. To have obtained a safety touchdown from the next play brought back the momentum on our side.

Finish in control

Iadeluca’s men then added nine points to their tally, before seeing their opponents get another boost of life. The Stingers have indeed returned to the end zone, in addition to achieving a conversion of two points, and this, with just under seven minutes left in the game. Recovering the ball afterwards, they came up against the Carabins defensive unit and veteran Philippe Lemieux-Cardinal, who had a big quarterback sack. The visitors then crossed the pitch slowly and finished the game in control of the ball.

“That’s football, it’s all about adjustment. The Stingers have proven to be a good team. They never let go. I’m happy with the way we finished the game keeping the ball. It’s my greatest pride in this game,” said the Carabins head coach.

Carabins: a major absentee

The Carabins of the University of Montreal start the year on the right foot


The Carabins had to manage without one of their best offensive elements for this first game of the campaign, receiver Hassane Dosso.

It was possible to observe the Frenchman on the sidelines with a brace on his left arm. Last year, in his rookie season, Dosso caught 48 balls for 757 yards in seven regular-season games, RSEQ-highs. He also had four touchdowns.

After the game, head coach Marco Iadeluca was stingy with comments about the severity of the injury and the length of his athlete’s absence.

“Hassane didn’t play, but our other receivers answered the call,” he said. That’s what being a Carabin is all about. When you have an opportunity in front of you, you seize it.

Carl Chabot, Alexandre Jones Dudley, William Legault, Justin Langlais and young Iraghi Muganda all had a good time. Quarterback Jonathan Sénécal also wanted to highlight the efforts of his group of receivers.

“They did a really good job, whether it was catching passes or blocking. The guys really bit their mouthguards and they sacrificed themselves.

In addition, Carabins linebacker Michael Brodrique also had to settle for the role of spectator for this first duel of the 2022 season.

Stingers: looking for consistency

The Carabins of the University of Montreal start the year on the right foot


Visibly upset after his team’s setback, Stingers quarterback Olivier Roy is convinced that his team would have won if they had shown consistency.

“We were too inconsistent to hope to beat a team like the Carabins. We did some good things, both defensively and offensively. However, we must start our matches more quickly to have a chance to compete, ”said the recipient of the title of player par excellence of the Quebec university circuit in 2021.

Last year, Concordia found a way to come back many times to taste the pleasure of victory. The nickname “Comeback Kids” was even chanted by Stingers players. According to Roy, his team must leave this identity aside and move on to another stage.

“It gives a good show when you come from behind, but we don’t have to tell ourselves that we will always be able to come back in the fourth quarter,” he expressed.

“We are no longer satisfied with close matches. We are aiming for victories!”


As Roy pointed out, the Stingers still showed great things, including the resilience that made them successful last season.

“We made mistakes and they capitalized by scoring points. However, I liked the character of our guys,” said head coach Brad Collinson.

There is also no doubt that the 2022 edition of the team will still be a threat from the air, with the talented Jeremy Murphy and Tristan Mancini. Running back Dwanté Morgan also made a great impression by amassing 51 yards on six carries.

“We have four very good carriers and we all wanted to give them the ball. When Dwanté entered the field, he created a spark,” said Collinson, who still felt that his athlete may have lost control of his emotions late in the game.

The young man will indeed have to be careful not to be distracted by the comments of his opponents, which seems to have been the case during the duel against the Carabins.

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