The Canadian Screen Awards adopt non-gendered categories

It’s the end of the gender interpretation categories for the most important gala of television and cinema in the country. Starting in 2023, the Canadian Screen Awards will use gender-neutral terminology for leading and supporting roles to better represent diversity.

Instead of categories best actor and best actress , only one prize will be given to the best performance. The number of nominations per category will also increase from five to eight people.

The Canadian Academy believes that this is a progressive and necessary step in order to make the film industry fairer and to ensure that artists can all receive the honors of their peers.said Academy President John Young.

A strong trend

This decision is part of a movement that has already begun in the industry. The Toronto International Film Festival Tribute Awards and the Independent Spirit Awards, which recognize independent filmmaking in the United States, recently announced gender-neutral categories for their 2023 galas.

The Junos, Grammys, British Independent Film Awards and MTV Movie & TV Awards have also gone down this path.

The non-gender acting categories were adopted in 2019 by the Canadian Screen Awards in the Digital Media Sector.

The Canadian Academy recognizes that it is its duty to ensure that every performer has the opportunity to participate fully in its awards programs and in the industry as a whole. This change brings us closer to that goalargued the acting chief executive of the Academy, Louis Calabro.

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