The artists and the FME, a love story

For 20 years, the Emerging Music Festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue has supported local artists by offering them a stage and an audience eager for musical discoveries. This support has cultivated a deep attachment among the artists who perform there (and return there). Five regulars share their love for this unwavering Rouynorandian ally.

Lucill performed at Le Diable Rond at the FME this year. Photo: Thomas Dufresne

Lucill (ex-Heat)

“I remember when it started, I was at the start of my career with my slightly crazy projects and I said to myself: “I want to play there. It was the first or second edition, and I felt it was going to be something bigger and bigger. It was always a goal to play there. There’s a kind of aura around the festival: the artists are good, the programming is cool, it attracts people from everywhere, it’s like a magnet and it’s an eight-hour drive from everything. It’s even more impressive. You come out of your bubble completely, the shows are all the time hot. I came twice with Heat, my old band, and this is my first time with my Lucill project. I’m really proud, especially to come full-band and show my two albums released during the pandemic. the timing is really cool. »

Lisa LeBlanc at FME
Lisa LeBlanc performing at the opening night of FME. Photo: Dominic McGraw

Lisa LeBlanc

“Right now, there’s a Bonsound party, hot dogs, people with their feet in the water, and we’re going to play next to a swimming pool and a lake, so that’s fine. We always have beautiful memories of the FME, it really is one of the most beautiful festivals in Quebec. They are extremely passionate people, and it shows. reception, programming, staff are amazing. It really is a fun event, it’s one in the year that you don’t want to miss, that’s for sure. »

Bibi Club at FME
Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque form the new duo Bibi Club, which occurred at the start of the evening at the FME. Photo: Dominic McGraw

Nicolas Basque (Plants and Animals, Bibi Club)

“It gives room for a lot of new bands to be discovered and to meet. There is a very holiday camp side because several groups find themselves together in the same place, a little isolated. I think that this desire to present new projects in a really well organized context, which sounds good, in good venues, is cool and important, whether you are a young artist or have more experience. It’s important that it exists because there is a consensus in the various festivals in Quebec, we often see the same artists playing everywhere. Here, there is much more artistic diversity, it casts a wider net. And contact with local people, who are often curious to see groups, creates a bond because contact is easy. In the past, we played three times, I think, with Plants and Animals. This year, we played with Bibi Club. Yesterday, I met a guy who lives here, I have no idea who it is, who told me that he had been waiting for us to perform with Bibi Club ever since. This side is also nice. And unique too. »

Big Led
Gros Mené, tandem composed of Olivier Langevin and Fred Fortin. Photo taken from the Gros Mené Facebook page

Fred Fortin (Big Led)

“We experienced the birth of the FME with Pierre Thibault and Sandy Boutin in a chalet one autumn evening. We saw it go, and as we were part of the first edition, we fell in love with the gang of buddies from the place. Of the wrinkles fishing with boys, chef Paul who made us steaks in the morning, that’s all, the spirit of the festival. Everyone is together, everyone bandsthem parties sometimes not ending soon enough. All that has created a momentum to make little ones everywhere in Quebec. »

Olivier Langevin (Gros Mené, Galaxy)

“We were there when it was an embryonic project with Sandy and Pierre Thibaut. We know a lot about the volunteers who were there at the start, we went fishing with all the gang. We were there in the first moments so we clearly have a heartfelt attachment to this beautiful gang, beautiful people that we saw for years afterwards. We have become adoptive Abitibians. »

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