The alleged murderer of Nathalie Piché dead in prison

Noureddine Mimouni, the man who allegedly killed his ex-spouse in Quebec City in June 2021, died at the Rimouski detention facility a few days before his appearance at the Quebec courthouse.

It was in his cell that the 34-year-old man took his own life last Friday, according to the family of the man who lives in Algeria. Relatives of Nathalie Piché, his spouse whom he allegedly killed in June 2021, also confirmed the facts.

« Nouredine Mimouni [s’est pendu] in his cell a few days ago. […] We can finally close this chapter […] We will not live what it is the ordeal of a trial, […] but we will be able to put our energy into rebuilding ourselves, ”wrote on Facebook Annabelle Laroche, the daughter of Ms. Piché.

The Ministry of Public Security also indicated that a death had occurred in the last days at the Rimouski Detention Establishment, without being able to reveal his identity.

Nathalie Piche

A case soon to be closed

Questioned on this subject, Me Charles-Olivier Gosselin, the lawyer of the alleged murderer of Nathalie Piché, however refuses to confirm or deny anything for the moment.

“I can’t say anything at this point. We should know more at the next court meeting,” he said. This hearing, which is still taking place, will be held at the Quebec City courthouse on September 14.

If he has confirmation of death, which will likely be the case, “the Crown prosecutor could make the decision to withdraw the charges,” explains Me Gosselin.

An investigation by the Coroner’s Office would also be triggered, as is always the case when an inmate dies.

Domestic violence

Recall that Nourredine Mimouni had been charged with first degree murder for having killed his spouse on the night of June 14 to 15, 2021. According to our information, she was stabbed.

Nathalie Piche

Ms. Piché had filed a complaint against her attacker for domestic violence just six months earlier. The man had been charged with assault, threat and forcible confinement, among other things, before the complaint was withdrawn a few weeks later.

The body of the 55-year-old victim was found by the police in the couple’s apartment on Duval Avenue, in Limoilou, Quebec.

A few hours later, the suspect in question had voluntarily surrendered to the Victoria Park police station to surrender to the authorities.

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