Legault refuses to say if the support of Mayor Marchand is necessary: ​​”We are moving forward with a four-lane tunnel”, says Legault

QUEBEC CITY – François Legault refuses to say if the support of the mayor of Quebec is necessary for the realization of his project for a 3rd link between Quebec and Lévis. But one thing is certain in the mind of the head of the CAQ: “We are moving forward with a four-lane tunnel”. • … Read more

The Conservative leader compared to Trump: Éric Duhaime “disqualified himself” from the post of Prime Minister, says François Legault

The day after the second leaders’ debate, François Legault led a frontal attack on his conservative opponent, whom he compares to Donald Trump. Éric Duhaime “disqualified himself” from the post of party leader and the seat of premier of Quebec by opposing health measures during the pandemic, railed the head of the CAQ. • Read … Read more

Legault torments QS, Anglade asserts itself, PSPP remains relaxed

“It’s a bit like being in wonderland,” François Legault told Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois on Thursday evening, during the last leaders’ debate presented by Radio-Canada. It was about the subject of the Environment. The host had asked the candidates what they intended to do to fight against global warming. After laying out his solution – electrifying Quebec … Read more

Legault apologizes to Joyce Echaquan’s spouse

ORFORD – François Legault on Tuesday apologized to the bereaved spouse of Joyce Echaquan, who died two years ago in disturbing circumstances at the Joliette hospital. • Read also: Indigenous priorities are still ignored • Read also: “Insensitive”, Legault “lacks compassion”, says Nadeau-Dubois “I would like to say a word to Mr. Carol Dubé, what … Read more

Legault sees GND as his main rival: two visions clash, says Legault

SAINT UBALDE | Two weeks before the ballot, François Legault sees Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois as his main opponent. The outgoing Prime Minister warns voters against solidarity “orange taxes”, which would jeopardize the Quebec economy. • Read also: Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois persists and signs • Read also: Despite the pitfalls, Anglade refuses to throw down the gloves • … Read more

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