Internet users will be able to upload images of their face in DALL-E

Change of direction for the DALL-E 2 artificial intelligence (AI) image generator software: its owner, OpenAI, is relaxing its rules of use and making it possible to upload images to the system. DALL-E 2 makes it possible to generate high quality images from text. The addition of photorealistic faces was previously prohibited, for fear of … Read more

[EN IMAGES] Exuberant transgender teacher causes controversy in Ontario

A transgender teacher in Ontario has caused a stir because of her appearance, which some have deemed “clownish and inappropriate” in a school context. The first video to go viral showed the teacher using a saw in class. The school board involved declined to identify the young woman. Other images show her in various outfits, … Read more

Getty Images bans content generated by artificial intelligence

Images created by AI software such as DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion or Craiyon are thus banned from the site, according to this new policy. Getty Images has followed in the footsteps of smaller platforms accepting user-uploaded content that have made similar announcements in recent days, including Newgrounds, PurplePort and Fur Affinity. worries In an interview … Read more

[EN IMAGES] Anjou: a teenager stabbed on leaving school

The stabbing attack on a 14-year-old teenager this Friday in the parking lot of Anjou high school disturbs many Montrealers, who see an increase in violence in their neighborhood. “It’s coming closer and closer, and it looks like it’s out of control,” said Mathieu Ouellet, a father who lives opposite the crime scene. Photo Martin … Read more

Ubisoft Forward: see the first images of Assassin’s Creed Mirage

In a never-before-seen trailer, Basim Ibn Is’haq is seen walking through the 9th-century city of Baghdad and joining Those we don’t seean iconic brotherhood of assassins from the series, after being trained by his mentor Roshan. It’s kind of a return to basics for the franchise: parkour, stealth and assassination are at the heart ofAssassin’s … Read more

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