Internet users will be able to upload images of their face in DALL-E

Change of direction for the DALL-E 2 artificial intelligence (AI) image generator software: its owner, OpenAI, is relaxing its rules of use and making it possible to upload images to the system. DALL-E 2 makes it possible to generate high quality images from text. The addition of photorealistic faces was previously prohibited, for fear of … Read more

“Never silent again”: a face is worth a thousand words

Participate in the emancipation of voices, mute or repressed, of women who are victims of oppression based on their gender. This is what the documentary film does Never silent again of the graduating student in the master’s degree in visual and media arts Caroline Pierret Pirson, whom she presents at the Galerie de l’UQAM until … Read more

Inflation: students feel abandoned in the face of rising cost of living

Chelsey-Lynn Rousselle is studying Political Science with a minor in Francophonie Studies, and also acts as Advocacy Commissioner for the University of Ottawa student union. Originally from New Brunswick, they chose Ontario for their studies. A choice more and more difficult to assume because of the costs related to his education. In May, the student … Read more

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