Should we be worried about the deadly super fungus Candida auris?

You are browsing the Radio-Canada website Skip to main contentGo to footerHelp with navigationStart of main content Start of content Should we be worried about the deadly super fungus candida auris? 8 minute duration8 mins “Candida auris” is a microscopic fungus. PHOTO: getty images/science photo libra / KATERYNA KON/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRA A potentially deadly fungus … Read more

First outbreak in Quebec of a deadly super-fungus

Most Hospital employees are unaware that this intruder is present in their facility. According to a public health source, authorities asked those informed to exercise discretion. candida auris attacks hospitalized patients, primarily those with weakened immune systems or those undergoing surgery or intravenous therapy. An infected person has a 30 to 60% chance of dying. … Read more

Another deadly summer on the roads

At least 105 people lost their lives in 92 fatal accidents that occurred on Quebec roads between June and August, an increase from last year, according to an in-house report from the Log. • Read also: A less disastrous year on the province’s bodies of water Nearly half of the victims (49) were in a … Read more

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