A first trailer for the adaptation of the video game The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal, star of the Netflix series Narcos, plays the protagonist, a smuggler named Joel. The latter survived the end of civilization, 20 years earlier, when a pandemic caused by the fungus Cordyceps took control of its human hosts. He is accompanied by Ellie (Bella Ramsey), a young girl resistant to the virus who could … Read more

Adaptation to climate change: there is an urgent need to act, but the chefs have little to offer

Almost all the leaders agreed during the debate presented on Radio-Canada on Thursday evening on the idea that we must stop opposing the economy and climate change, without however proposing the necessary funding to adapt cities. to the impact of the crisis. But if massive investments are not made now, adaptation will cost the state … Read more

David Cronenberg is working on an adaptation of his film Scanners for HBO

HBO is working on a television adaptation of Scannersthe 1981 film that made Canadian director David Cronenberg famous all over the world, according to information from the HollywoodReporter. The filmmaker would have been recruited as an executive producer for the series in development, still according to the HollywoodReporter. William Bridges, who notably worked on the … Read more

David Harbor stars in a film adaptation of the Gran Turismo video game

Actor David Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Thingswill be at the heart of a big screen adaptation of the popular car racing video game series Gran Turismo. The film, produced by Sony and PlayStation Productions, will be directed by South African Neil Blomkamp, ​​who notably signed the social science fiction film … Read more

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