Suzanne Clément, there to take care of us

The daily news from Radio-Canada Statuswhich will replace the much-missed District 31, is certainly one of the most anticipated of the television season. If the public has lost its beloved investigators, it is delighted to finally find Suzanne Clément on Quebec television, after her exile of several years in France.

When Suzanne Clément memorizes her many lines while walking in the streets of Montreal, passers-by sometimes stop her to show her their joy at finally seeing her again, she confides in an interview with Subway. “The other time, I was on Mount Royal and I met two or three people who said that to me and it really made me happy. It gave me a boost for my 10 to 20 pages of text to learn,” she laughs.

Since Mommy by Xavier Dolan in 2014 and Guibord is going to war by Philippe Falardeau in 2015, the actress had not returned to play in Quebec. She lived in Paris and rather chained French productions until the loss of her father caused her return to the Belle Province.

“I wanted to get closer to my family, but ultimately I think my father’s death was also a gift in that sense,” she said. I’m so happy to be in Montreal. I find it calmer, more relaxing and more feel good.»

new adventure

Suzanne Clément was therefore only waiting for a “new adventure” like the one offered to her by producer Fabienne Larouche with Status, a daily newspaper whose protagonists work in a hospital environment, to make its big comeback on the small screen.

“It’s a paradigm that I don’t know. Doing a day-to-day like that is very demanding. Finally, it is the requirement that it requires that made me want to dive, ”she underlines.

It’s very exciting when Fabienne wants you for a project and she brings you into her world.

Suzanne Clement

Suzanne Clément will play Emmanuelle St-Cyr, the head of emergency at Saint-Vincent Hospital in Montreal, a role she prepared for by observing four emergency physicians in their workplace.

“There is one that I followed more particularly, I did several internships with her. She is, in my opinion, a great doctor who has as much scientific qualities as human qualities, with a capacity for rapid analysis which is so impressive to see”, she mentions.

Suzanne Clément at the launch of Radio-Canada programming. / Photo: Josie Desmarais

According to the actress, the adrenaline that ER crews feel is similar to that found on the set of Stat. Because even if we call it a daily, there is nothing daily about it, she repeats, using the words of Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, who we saw in District 31.

“There is still, in the urgency of doing the scenes and in the speed at which we shoot, a form of risk”, continues the one who focuses for the moment only on this monopolizing project.

The pressure to perform

Alongside Suzanne Clément, there are in particular Patrick Labbé, with whom she has already played and who will interpret a psychiatrist, as well as Geneviève Schmidt in the skin of a surgeon and Stéphane Rousseau in that of a beneficiary attendant.

The series also stars Normand D’Amour, Samantha Fins, Lou-Pascal Tremblay and Ludivine Reding, the latter two representing a younger cohort of the medical team. “It’s like two generations, obviously different, but at the same time who have a bit of the same mode of operation that drives them in life: adrenaline and the fact of being efficient, they come together on this”, argues Suzanne Clément.

The actors of Status have big shoes to put on to replace those of District 31. Suzanne Clément does not hide it: “Yes, there is a pressure to perform or to come up with something relevant, which will have an intensity that will interest people,” she says.

Starting September 12, Status will be broadcast from Monday to Thursday, at 7 p.m., on ICI Télé.

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