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On August 12, we shop for Quebec books. And almost a month later, on September 9, we open our ears wide to fill them with excellent music from here, on the occasion of the Day I buy a Quebec record, which has also become a tradition since its first edition, which was held in 2019. Four years to discover new artists and voices or to return to take refuge in our good old classics: it doesn’t matter, it’s the music that wins!

For which albums have the journalists of the Culture and Inspiration sections of Subway in the last few months? Here are some suggestions that may guide your own choices.

And you, what will you be listening to on September 9?

Breakfast in bedfrom Easy Tiger

The charm was instantaneous: from the first notes of guitar and bass of the solar Breakfast in bed, we knew that the indie-rock soaked in the scintillating pop with the influences of the 80s assumed from this first mini-album of Easy Tiger, released in the spring, would punctuate our beautiful days. And it was the case! Guitars sometimes gleaming, sometimes abrasive, sparkling keyboards, catchy melodies, organ magnifying the twilight ballad Midnight Snack: this tonic album, a refreshing cocktail based on irresistible ingredients, was one of the flagship albums of our summer. To the sound of the six songs with a little something hot, sips of heat and ocean, we imagined the palm trees rising in the streets of Montreal while strolling (while swaying), in a trance along the United States coasts by the magnificent voice, roaring at times, of guitarist and singer Gabrielle La Rue (Guidestones, ex-NOBRO), half of this invigorating duo completed by bassist Sarah Dion (Les Shirley, NOBRO).


– Caroline Bertrand – Culture and Inspiration Journalist

The sun and the seafrom Bibi Club

Couple in life, duo in music, Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque form the group Bibi Club, which today unveils its first album, The sun and the sea, which lives up to its title. Like the sun, it is radiant and luminous. Like the sea, it lulls us and makes us travel. Joy and love emanate from it. On melodies that are both strangely minimalist and generous, which can accompany a dance between friends as well as a siesta in a hammock, Adèle sings certain tracks in French, others in English, all carrying a poetry simple and soft, free, just like the feeling that emerges from the album. We easily get carried away.

At Secret City Records

– Jules Couturier – Journalist Inspiration

In the heart of the kingdomby Jam Khalil

With his very first studio album, rapper Jam Khalil, big winner of the first edition of the television competition The end of the weak, at Télé-Québec, welcomes us to the heart of the kingdom of which he is king, but where everyone is welcome. The young artist of Lebanese origin, who was formerly called JAM, had won the first televised rap competition in Quebec, in 2021, thanks to his flow natural and to his talent for writing and improvisation, but also because of his determination. This perseverance is still felt as much in his latest opus, In the heart of the kingdom, published on June 10. With personal texts that relate above all to his daily life as the son of immigrants and a variety of rhythms (softer in Will have and In the heartmore aggressive in Triumph), Jam Khalil offers accessible and relevant Quebec rap.


– Naomie Gelper – Culture Journalist

Crashfrom Les Praises

Mix groove, jazz, pop and electro, and you’ll get a happy mix of styles that sometimes makes you dance, sometimes think. This Les Louanges album, released at the start of the year, contains 15 songs, written in quarantine following the touring life resulting from his first album. If you see the artist performing (we recommend it), you will listen to almost every song afterwards with the little ones. moves of Vincent Roberge in the lead. The chemistry of the musicians, which is heard and felt, is quite spectacular “in real life”. Some suggestions of songs to listen to depending on the moment? To prepare before a small 5 to 7, we put on Pavement and Pigeons; for a melancholic walk in the evening, immerse yourself in Cruze; to add to your naughty evening listening list, Sweetheart is a must-have piece; finally, for bawl a good hit, Easy has no equal!

At Bonsound

– Arianne Lebreux-Ebacher – Culture and Inspiration Journalist

Forestsfrom Saratoga

Take a break from ambient noise with Forests, a recent very peaceful instrumental EP from Saratoga unveiled at the start of the summer season, on June 8th. The duo formed by Chantal Archambault and Michel-Olivier Gasse already bet on slowness on their first self-titled mini-album (2015) and their opuses Flower (2016) and This is a beloved species (2019), but with the six lengthy pieces (desired and assumed!) of Forestswe truly immerse ourselves in a small oasis of sweetness and contemplation, with highly evocative titles: Dendrology (name of tree study), Malakisis Lake, All life forms slowed down, tinder fire, Old Trees Duparquet A chiming tinkle here, a breath of wind further on, the harmonious interweaving of piano, double bass, guitar and pedal steel: the work represents its title well and effectively suggests nature, the trees, the smell of wood, the view of the frozen lake, time taking its time. The Archambault-Gasse couple also collaborated, for the project Forests, with his fellow musicians Guillaume Bourque and Mathieu Charbonneau to flesh out his intoxicating and sometimes even dizzying universe (especially towards the end). In this period of electoral noise, this timeless gift from Saratoga, soundtrack of our next visits to the spa, provides a lot of good.


– Marie-Josée R. Roy – Section Head and Culture Journalist

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