Steve Jobs entourage launches archive collection in his honor

Relatives of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on Wednesday unveiled an organization aimed at celebrating the life of the tech giant through a series of archives available online.

The intended site (New window) reveals in particular a poetic email expressing admiration for humanity that Jobs sent to himself in September 2010. There are also quotes, passages of speeches as well as video and audio extracts.

Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, presented the archives at a conference. Although we have artifacts and real material, archives are much more about ideasshe said.

She explains that the documents are rooted in Steve Jobs’ perceptions that the built environment and all systems outside the natural world are governed and constructed by human beings, allowing them to evolve and engender them. progress.

With respect for the past and enthusiasm for the future, the Steve Jobs Archive offers people the tools and opportunities to make their own contribution. [dans ce monde]can we read on the site.

The archive will thus serve as a repository of historic documents related to Steve Jobs, some of which have never been made public before.

The organization also aims to set up programs and scholarships that reflect the values ​​of the entrepreneur. Announcements are expected on this subject in the coming months.

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