She pays for a trailer to move her equipment: quite a move for a teacher

A teacher had to resort to a 30-foot trailer to move her equipment to her new school, a stark example of the habit of teachers paying out of pocket to furnish their classrooms.

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“I looked at that and I judged myself,” admits laughing Geneviève Caron, 43 years old.

“It shows all the hidden work we do as a teacher,” says the one who teaches kindergarten in the Lanaudière region.

This year, she is starting in a new school. She therefore moved on Monday all the furniture, games, decorations and other supplies that she had accumulated in her 17-year career, including 10 spent at the same school.

The trailer that contains it all.

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The trailer that contains it all.

In the 30-foot trailer, you could find boxes filled with dishes, dolls, balloons, sensory material to manipulate so that the little ones learn to manage their emotions, hats, disguises, musical instruments.

Bought with his own money, not the school budget, it’s all his.

“I am a fan of garage sales. […]. And an crackpot youth albums. »

How much does she estimate she has spent over the years on her class? “I have no idea…Thousands of dollars,” she supposes.


The subject, particularly relevant in these times of inflation, has been the subject of several reports in recent years. In 2018, The newspaper published an article reporting the testimony of teachers who have seen the cost of living increase without the budget allocated for their class following suit.

Josée Scalabrini, president of the Federation of Education Unions (FSE), has seen teachers “with a big heart” who pay out of pocket to compensate.

“[En milieu défavorisé]there are very few teachers who do not have granola bars and snacks with them” to give to hungry students, she illustrates.

The same logic applies for furniture, books and classroom materials, which tend to deteriorate quickly without being able to be replaced by the school, she explains.

The ministry grants a fixed envelope of $11,000 to furnish all new classes, such as those in 4-year-old kindergarten, according to the FSE. But for the rest, the class budget allocated each year varies from place to place because it is at the discretion of each school or service center.

“We know that throughout the year people are going to ask us: what is happening with the cost of living? [et nos budgets de classe]?” predicts Ms. Scalabrini.

And it’s not just a question of money, but also of flexibility, adds Geneviève Caron, who often preferred to pay herself rather than have to deal with school bureaucracy and delays to obtain an item a child needed. quickly need.

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