Sexual assault at WJC 2003: police know at least two names

A person who saw this video of the alleged assault in 2003 says they named two players they recognized in the video during a recent interview with police. This person would not have reported anything at the time because he had been taught over time to keep silent.

These two participants in the Junior World Championship would have subsequently reached the National Hockey League (NHL), according to this speaker, to whom CBC granted anonymity because he feared personal and professional reprisals.

Police opened an investigation into the sexual assault allegations in July after TSN reported the existence of the alleged video amid other allegations in Canadian hockey.

Major sponsors then severed their ties with Hockey Canada, whose funding was suspended by the federal government. A parliamentary committee held hearings to shed light on how Hockey Canada reacted to various denunciations.

Three alleged cases of sexual assault involving junior hockey players are currently under police investigation. None of the allegations have so far been proven in court.

Five of the 22 members of the 2003 Junior Team Canada have responded to the allegations. Jordin Tootoo, Nathan Paetsch, Carlo Colaiacovo and Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau said they had no part in the alleged assault and had no knowledge of it. Scottie Upshall has called for an investigation.

Halifax police are refusing to say, while the investigation is in full swing, whether a victim has filed a complaint.

Hockey Canada says it became aware of the allegations about the 2003 team on July 21. The organization maintains that it immediately communicated with the authorities.

The NHL has yet to respond to questions from CBC about whether it has opened an investigation into the 2003 allegations and whether it has taken any follow-up action.

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