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10 p.m. AT

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The artist has the impression of indulging even more than usual with Ludmila, his first instrumental album. She describes the shows that will result from this as shows-poems.


from Monday to Thursday

10 p.m. AT

See the episodes on HERE

On the show this week

Monday, September 5
The Boulay sisters
Mariana Mazza
David Thibodeau
Sam Cyr

Tuesday, September 6
Catherine Anne Toupin
Alexandre Barrette
Dominique Fils-Aime
Melanie Demers
Marc Messier

Wednesday, September 7
Special STAT :
Suzanne Clement
Stephane Rousseau
Lou-Pascal Tremblay
Fabienne Larouche
Patrick Labbe
Marie-Andree Labbe
Genevieve Schmidt
Samantha Fins
Normand Love
Virginia Ranger-Beauregard

Thursday, September 8
Lisa LeBlanc
Jean-Sebastien Girard
Michelle Desrochers
Christine Morency

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