Roselle, singer of the Lost Fingers, makes the leap solo with Aurore

Roselle entered the music industry through the front door. The one who is also the younger sister of Vincent Roberge, alias Les Louanges, was revealed to the general public during her visit to the seventh season of The voicebefore being recruited by the group The Lost Fingers in 2019 to replace Valérie Amyot.

The young artist was then preparing to take the final exams for her jazz singing program at the Cégep de Saint-Laurent. The first show, there were 1000 people. I said to myself “OK, let’s go”. We went to the United States and I had to learn a lot of songs in a few weeks.she remembers at the end of the line.

A few months later, at the start of the pandemic, she presented some of her models to the LA be label, which hosts the Lost Fingers. I sent them my demo and bang-bang, it was settledexplains Roselle.

I fell really well because I was able to sign a record contract to make a complete album of 12 songs at my first opportunity. I went directly to the big league, I had a nice little pass on the palette and I’m very happy.

The Roselle sound

The music that Roselle makes solo is quite far from that of the Lost Fingers, even if the singer affirms that the group has distanced itself over time from the gypsy jazz that made its reputation.

The young artist is particularly fond of pop and electro sounds, which she envelops in her clear, warm voice. Roselle composes her demos alone at home, with a keyboard, computer and software, after which she takes them to the studio where a long list of musicians record some of the tracks with real instruments.

I do my bass line on the piano, but after that I leave it in Yves’ hands [Labonté, bassiste de Céline Dion] and I ask him to play it his wayshe illustrates. Each instrumentalist enhanced my ideas and added their sauce. I think that’s what’s interesting about making an album, it’s a gang affair.

This marriage of digital and analog was also dear to the singer and musician. Alongside her duties with The Lost Fingers, she always had a strong interest in electronic music, but she didn’t want to lose the natural side of the music. live, especially since she plans to perform on stage with a group, and not alone in front of a computer.

The album is described as a mix of sweetness and extravaganceand I think that’s exactly itshe summarizes.

The first single fromDawn, I was asking myself this questionhas also received treatment remix signed Misstress Barbara, Canadian DJ and producer of Italian origin well known at Montreal parties, and with whom Roselle identifies a lot as a queer person. Both the original song and the remix are set to set dance floors on fire this fall.

A musical family that listens big Gorillaz

Like that of his big brother, Roselle’s precocious talent didn’t come out of nowhere. She says she grew up in an environment very focused on the arts and music in particular. The Lévis family home vibrated as much with the sounds of opera, country and classical as big GorillazBritish group with exploded influences led by Damon Albarn.

It is sure that I bathed in the music of my parents who were very music lovers. They took us to the Festival d’été de Québec every day, rain or shine. So I’ve always been curious to make musicshe explains.

If certain melodies or inflections of the voice sometimes recall the sound of his brother, Les Louanges – as on Among all these letters It is not a coincidence. The two artists often pass their models to exchange comments. Les Louanges also helped Roselle to realize the song I was asking myself this question.

It is sure that it is the person with whom I share the most chromosomes. We also lived quite a bit the same childhood, the same adolescence, listened to the same kind of music, she summarizes. That said, the songs of Rosalie and Vincent Roberge each have their own sound and personality.

Dawn will be released Friday on the LA be label and the album will be officially launched on September 21 at the Ministère, in Montreal. A concert that promises to be colorful, according to Roselle.

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