Rivière-à-Pierre still without cellular network

Not by choice, but by obligation. The municipality is not covered by the cellular network. And nothing indicates that this will change.

The mayor, Danielle Ouellet, deplores this: Since 1995, successive mayors have gone above and beyond with Telus, the CRTC, governments. But nothing happens.

She herself struggles to make things happen. Last week, Danielle Ouellet questioned François Legault, then campaigning in Saint-Raymond, on the subject.

He praised our region by saying that we had beautiful landscapes, that there was snowmobiling, hunting, then fishing. I told him that what we lack is the cellular network.

On Monday, the outgoing prime minister promised to complete it by the end of his second term, if re-elected. I would like to believe itcomments the mayor of Rivière-à-Pierre.

Impatient citizens, penalized merchants

She is not the only one to suffer from the impossibility of using a cordless telephone. She points out that at each municipal council, at least one or two citizens ask elected officials about progress in this file.

The merchants of the municipality are also penalized.

Delivery people who cannot find an address come to the town hall to ask for information because they have no network and cannot call merchants directlyreports Danielle Ouellet.

No need to try to pick up a signal to use your cell phone in Rivière-à-Pierre, there is no network on the entire territory of the municipality.

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Hanane Ouargui, the owner of the Au Bois Rond snack bar on the main street, finds this situation surreal.

In 2022, not having a network is lateshe says.

Regularly, visitors pass through the doors of his business, not to eat, but to use his fixed line.

There are several of them, they have made an appointment to go to the reserve [faunique de Portneuf]. They can’t find each other. So they come to see if they can borrow my phoneshe explains.

Tips from the SQ

In early August, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced that it will provide $20.5 million to finance 10 projects for the deployment of mobile wireless services along roads and highways in Quebec, on Land -Newfoundland and Labrador and Manitoba.

Telus will obtain, among other things, $6.5 million to install antennas and operate the necessary connections along routes 132, 195 and 299, in Gaspésie.

For four years we have been told that we are the first on the list for development projects. But that never happensthe mayor is impatient.

According to her, however, there is urgency. In addition to the 578 inhabitants of Rivière-à-Pierre, she considers thatmore than 50,000 people spend the year to go to the cabins, hunting, fishing.

It has become a need for people’s safety. We got there. »

A quote from Danielle Ouellet, Mayor of Rivière-à-Pierre

While waiting for it to be resolved, how to circumvent the problem? Lieutenant Benoît Richard, communications coordinator for the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) has some advice to offer.

He recommends that those who live, even temporarily, in the municipality to have a fixed telephone line installed in their homes, if possible. For people who go there for hunting, fishing or other, he suggests informing their relatives in advance of their movements.

It’s about showing foresight. These are basic security principles. It’s like when we go on a boathe says.

The SQ, for its part, is not afraid to carry out an intervention in an entirely disconnected area, such as Rivière-à-Pierre. The police force has its own radio telecommunications system.

Each vehicle is equipped with specific transmitters and receivers that do not pass through conventional networks.

We also have satellite phones if neededsays Lieutenant Richard.

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