Rise in requests for help as the new school year approaches

With inflation also affecting the price of school materials, some families find themselves in a precarious financial position for the first time and have to ask organizations for help.

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“A child who is excited to go to school, but who arrives ill-equipped has monster repercussions on his academic career,” said Audrey Renaud, executive director of the Regroupement Partage organization.

This organization has seen requests from citizens increase in recent months. However, she has to juggle with a smaller budget.

“We are helping 5,000 children this year, it’s great, but last year we helped 7,000. The difference is that we lost COVID subsidies and inflation for our purchasing power increased importantly. To provide the same quantities of school staff and foodstuffs, we must limit ourselves to 5,000, which represents approximately 5% of the actual needs currently on the island of Montreal,” she explained.

She confided that a child who has the right school materials helps her to continue her studies.

“School should be a place where the child feels safe and is excited to go, but someone who comes to school with a paper bag as a backpack and an old piece of pencil , it does not happen on an equal footing with the other students and this is where so many school dropouts are seen. It is nearly one child in three in certain neighborhoods in Montreal and ironically it is nearly one child in three who lives in food insecurity, ”lamented the director general.

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