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In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about responsible consumption and the circular economy. A fortiori, while inflation is exploding the cost of all products and the figures of fast fashion are scary, we realize that everyone is a winner to buy second hand, and at the same time, to offer a second life to their belongings and to divert them from landfill sites. In Quebec, no company embodies this principle as much as Renaissance.

In September, on the occasion of the month of the second hand, spotlight on the champion of the social economy in Quebec and on the impact of your donations and your purchases on the community and the planet!

Donating, buying and working at Renaissance is not only eco-friendly, but also contributes to the influence of the social economy!

At Renaissance, we have long understood that great wealth is lost in the great cycle of consumption. By giving a second life to clothes, books and other objects, we encourage an economy that does its part for the community and the environment.

In 2021-2022, Renaissance received more than 1,393,975 donations at its approximately 60 collection points, representing 24,707 tonnes of items that would otherwise have ended up in landfills and whose usefulness and richness would have been lost forever. Figures that can make you dizzy, but also a lot of hope for the future. These generous donations have also enabled 200 people to complete an integration program offered by Renaissance (six months of paid training) and to return to the job market or to studies; and 1,030 people to find a job through the Renaissance Employment Assistance Centers (CAER).

Shopping in a thrift store is not yet a reflex for everyone, whereas among the youngest, it has become a natural choice as part of a process of slow fashion : produce and consume less, but better.

In recent years, there has been significant environmental and social awareness. People think more about giving a second life to their used goods rather than throwing them in the trash, and are increasingly turning to the second-hand market. Shopping in thrift stores is becoming a major trend.

Éric St-Arnaud, General Manager of Renaissance

Started last September, the Renaissance textile fiber recycling pilot project, in partnership with Vestechpro, is part of this great movement. Reducing the volume of landfilled waste by relying on the principles of the circular economy is a priority. This pilot project is made possible thanks to the generous subsidy granted by the City of Montreal to the NPO last year, as part of its Social Economy Challenge – Acting for Ecological Transition program.

The fashion industry is indeed one of the most polluting, by far. According to the World Bank, this sector is responsible for around 10% of the world’s annual carbon emissions, more than all international flights and shipping produce together. At this rate, the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions could soar by more than 50% by 2030.

Les ÉcolaborateursTM have understood this!

They stimulate inspiration, open new horizons and allow the community to share via Instagram the reasons why they choose to encourage eco-responsible consumption.

It’s nice to see all this creativity and what we can do with used material. The Eco-CollaboratorsCM recycle, upcycle, revalue, but above all contribute to a better world!

Marie-Claude Masson, Marketing and Communications Director of Renaissance.

Moreover, as part of the month of the second hand, Renaissance will broadcast a series of video capsules and will meet with Eco-collaboratorsCM. Éric Saint-Arnaud, CEO of Renaissance, gets the ball rolling by talking to us about the circular economy, the organization’s mission and more. This will be followed by Christine Deniger, owner of Le Bac Rose, Morgane Lenglet, founder of Marcelyne Se(w)ing, and Lolitta Dandoy, fashion journalist. You will see, they are all passionate people who have the community and the planet at heart!

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