Quickly detect real and fake reviews on Amazon with this extension and application

Avoid buying a product on Amazon with fake reviews. Fakespot, a desktop extension and mobile app, helps us unmask fake reviews on Amazon. This scrutinizes with a magnifying glass to enlighten us on our purchase.

More and more of us are shopping online and Amazon is obviously a big player in the field. But you still have to be careful not to buy just anything!

Although we find stars on the products as well as opinions left by users, these are not always true.

Some companies may create fake reviews to get their products featured and increase their chances of selling.

Rather than worrying about analyzing yourself what could be a real or a fake review, you can leave this task to the Fakespot extension and application.

How Does Fakespot Detect Fake Amazon Reviews?

Fakespot is available for free as an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari desktop browsers. It is also found in the form of a mobile application for iOS and Android.

This helps us know if the reviews left on an Amazon product page are true or false.

How? Using an algorithm that analyzes several factors.

On the one hand, he will take an interest in the spelling in the notice. Is it well written? Are there any faults? Do we too often find empty qualifiers without further explanation such as: excellent, brilliant, super, very good.

Then, it will be interested in the person who leaves an opinion. Is it someone who has left many reviews? Is it a newly created account that posted a review?

So many clues that then allow Fakespot to assign a rating to the product ranging from F to A.

We find this letter as much on the product page as when browsing on Amazon.

Once on a product page, you can also launch a complete analysis in order to have a summary of the best opinions and the credibility of the opinions of the product.

You can quickly see the letter assigned by Fakespot for a product on Amazon.

An unfortunately imperfect tool

Although very practical, Fakespot is not perfect. For one, the extension and app is only available in English.

Then, although it is able to identify clearly fraudulent-looking reviews, it can hardly identify fake paid reviews.

Some companies place a small piece of paper in their products inviting people to review Amazon, in exchange they offer a partial refund for the product purchased.

Aukey and MPow were particularly taken in for this kind of practice and Amazon cracked down by banning them.

In short, Fakespot can hardly identify this kind of larceny.

Finally, although Fakespot mentions on its site that it can analyze reviews on Best Buy, Walmart, Shopify, eBay and Sephora, these are the US versions of these sites.

Unfortunately, it cannot be used for the Canadian versions of these sites.

We are therefore limited to Amazon Canada which is supported by the extension.

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