Queen Elizabeth II, the personality that liked to tease the memosphere

A few hours after the news of the queen’s death fell, the meme pages remained shy, and the hour seemed to be contemplative, according to Jean-Michel Berthiaume.

It is a period of calm and respect that we see. I’m amazed, because the lack of limits is felt very quickly, normally, and it does not take long for people to make the worst joke, or go as far as possible to the extremesunderlines Jean-Michel Berthiaume, doctoral student in semiological studies.

It is in the image, finally, of the treatment that the followers of the meme have generally reserved for Queen Elizabeth II.

There are jokes that have been made, sure, but rarely vulgar or offensive. Above all, there was a form of understanding, because she was still a 96-year-old lady. He was not an ordinary old person, but an extraordinary one. »

A quote from Jean-Michel Berthiaume

For example, one of the most famous memes of the late monarch was created when she wore a plain green suit in public, the same color as the green screens used to make photo or video montages. The Twittersphere was then inflamed, replacing the bright color with a pattern of pizza, Hello Kitty or even a Batman costume.

We have also seen Her Majesty being compared to a piece of chess. If the king can only eat his opponents from the sides, the queen can attack them from all angles.

Images of her in the age of the dinosaurs, to illustrate her long reign, have also been widely circulated on the sidelines of her 70th anniversary of the throne.

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The web has long believed that the queen was immortal, and has made several memes of it.

Photo: Unknown

And what about the recent meme of his great-grandson Louis having a fit next to the leading lady, who couldn’t hold back her smile, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in the middle of the Platinum Jubilee ceremony ?

Frontal attacks on the queen’s image were very rare, again according to popular culture specialist Jean-Michel Berthiaume. If the monarchy was to be attacked, it was someone else who bore the burden, according to him.

The end, for queen memes?

To the question of whether the memes of the late queen will survive her death, Jean-Michel Berthiaume is skeptical. Since there will be no more image renewals, meme masters will have to rely on already existing photos, unless they dig into the archives and bring up previously unseen photos with potential. memiable.

In my opinion, all the queen memes that could be made have been made. I tend to think it’s kind of the end. »

A quote from Jean-Michel Berthiaume

In the coming days, he still believes that posthumous images could still arise.

Facebook pages of corgi dogs have paid tribute to the one affectionately called The Corgi Queen (the queen of the corgis) – the monarch owned around 30 of these dogs during her reign.

Montage of Queen Elizabeth II with corgi dogs.

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Elizabeth II wasn’t just the Queen of England, she was also referred to online as the Queen of Corgi Dogs.

Photo: Disapproving Corgis

In the evening Thursday, more incisive montages began to circulate, referring to Princess Diana, for example, waiting for her firmly in the afterlife.

On Twitter, the Irish community, which has a difficult relationship with royalty, was inflamed at the announcement of the fragile state of health of the queen on Thursday morning. Once his death was announced, images calling for respect took up a lot of space on this side of the canvas, as if, once dead, she became human againsuggests Jean-Michel Berthiaume.

This, however, failed to contain everything. In a meme that became very popular on Thursday evening, and widely shared also within the black and First Nations community, a group is seen dancing in front of Buckingham Palace with the song Another One Bites the Dust.

The successor to the throne, King Charles III, is far less popular with the public than Elizabeth II was.

We know [quel est] the order of succession to the throne, but it is not known [quel est] the order of succession on the meme. »

A quote from Jean-Michel Berthiaume

The tone could thus change online, with edgier memes.

Charles wears much less decorum than the Queen could.points out Jean-Michel Berthiaume.

Photo montage of the Iron Throne from the TV series

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Charles III is already the target of memes.

Photo: Unknown

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