Québec solidaire wants to regionalize immigration

“Immigration takes nothing away from us, it makes us all win. Let’s give the green light to the people who have chosen Quebec and to the regions that are ready to welcome them, ”launched the head of Quebec solidaire today, from Saguenay.

If outgoing Prime Minister François Legault stumbled on the theme of immigration this week, following clumsy statements, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois chose to celebrate the arrival of foreign workers by unveiling the “regional immigration” model. of his party.

The leader of Québec solidaire (QS) announced an annual investment of $370 million to finance a program that would stimulate immigration to rural areas, while emphasizing francization and access to culture.

During his press briefing, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was accompanied by the solidarity candidate in Chicoutimi, Adrien Guibert-Barthez, the candidate in Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, and the candidate in Jonquière and president of the Collectif des immigrant women from Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Karla Cynthia Garcia Martinez.

Create reception hubs

To facilitate the path of newcomers, Québec solidaire is counting on the creation of “Carrefours d’accueil en immigration” in each region of the province. The services available within these “gateways” would allow foreign workers to benefit from administrative support during their immigration process.

Thanks to these Welcome Centers, the procedure for renewing residence permits would be simplified, in order to simplify the daily lives of employers and workers.

Québec solidaire also provides rapid and priority access to permanent residence for immigrants who already have regional experience.

“Currently, immigrants have no guarantee that settling in the regions will allow them to immigrate to Quebec permanently. We must correct this lack and make their installation in the regions more attractive. We are confident that this promise will be able to convince several families to settle in the region,” declared Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, solidarity candidate in Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne and lawyer specializing in immigration.

For his part, Adrien Guibert-Barthez believes that “for several years, businesses in our region have been calling on temporary immigrant labor to meet their needs. These men and women are already present in our community, their children are already attending our schools. The best thing we can do for the Saguenay region is to welcome these experienced workers on a permanent basis.”

Embrace Quebec culture

In addition to the creation of Carrefours d’accueil en immigration, the Solidaires want to ensure that immigrants can live immersed in French and “fall in love with Quebec culture”.

To this end, Québec solidaire plans to invest $230 million in francization, in addition to creating “Culture Tickets”. The latter, worth $200 per person, would give newcomers the opportunity to discover Quebec culture and could be used, among other places, in theatres, museums and performance halls.

“Culture Tickets are a simple and original way to introduce immigrants to Quebec. It’s also a simple way to allow people from here to be in contact with newcomers, “said Karla Cynthia Garcia Martinez, candidate in Jonquière.

For the leader of Québec solidaire Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, “the feeling of belonging also goes through access to culture. It’s the best way to fall in love with Quebec culture. What we need are full-fledged Quebecers who make their lives here by bringing the hope that we all share, the hope of putting their hands in the dough for a better future.

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