Quantic Dream studios are handed over to Chinese giant NetEase Games

The Quantic Dream studio, based in Paris and Montreal (since 2021), was founded in 1997 by its current manager, David Cage, and has notably developed the titles heavy rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Humanwhich proposes to take in hand the destiny of three robots in a city populated by androids.

Quantic Dream is also currently working with LucasFilm Games on a new video game adaptation of the Star Wars universe, classified among the AAA titles, which includes high budget video games.

NetEase Games is thus setting foot in Europe, but not in North America, where the company has already opened a studio in 2019 in Montreal.

The Chinese giant is not unknown to Quantic Dream, since it has already invested in its studios in 2019. These will also continue to operate independentlyhe said.

In order to continue our development […]but also to fund other studios and become an international publisher, more investment is neededexplained Quantic Dream on its site.

Consolidation in the video game industry

Shares of Chinese gaming giant NetEase took a beating this summer after the Chinese release of its flagship title was postponed for a month Diablo Immortalco-developed with the American Activision-Blizzard.

At the beginning of June, China granted new licenses to 60 video games, the second wave of authorizations to be granted this year in the world’s largest market.

The announcement was seen as a positive signal for the Chinese video game sector, targeted in recent years by the authorities, which had weighed on the profitability of many video game companies, such as the giant Tencent, world leader in the sector. .

In the global video game market, the time is currently for consolidation, with in particular giant acquisitions such as the takeover at the start of the year of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft for 68.7 billion US dollars (86.4 billion Canadian dollars), or that of Bungie by Sony for 3.6 billion US dollars (4.6 billion Canadian dollars).

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