Production shutdown at the Caribou mine: “a slap in the face”

The Redpath Mining employee, a contractor at the mine, didn’t see it coming. We didn’t expect that comments the resident of Bathurst-Est for Radio-Canada Acadie.

We weren’t sure at first. When I got to my place of work, I was turned around, told to get back up and go home. »

A quote from Mathieu White, employee at the Caribou mine

Mathieu White does not really know what awaits him. Like just about everyone, he is waiting for news from the owner company Trevali, of Vancouver.

A few vehicles were parked at the entrance to the Caribou mine on Wednesday.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Mario Mercier

It’s not our fault, he says to him. No matter whose fault it is, the young man finds himself out of work today.

We’ll have to go somewhere else. There are no other mines here. It’s boring. I wanted to stay close to my family, but I have no choice if I want to continue workinghe says.

Double hit

Camille Deraps, of Petit-Rocher, is on her second business closure in a short time. A few years ago, he experienced the end of the foundry in Belledune. Happy to have been able to find work at the Caribou mine, he has been unemployed again since Monday.

Camille Desraps is going through her second big business closure in just a few years.

Camille Deraps is experiencing her second closure of a large company in just a few years.

Photo: Radio-Canada

It’s a little gossip, but no one has really had any news. We are in uncertaintyhe said.

The cessation of activities at the Caribou mine is a blow not only for him, but also for the entire Chaleur region, he believes.

It’s another closure. It’s tough on morale. It worries us. There is no greater work in the North laments Mr. Deraps.

With information from journalist Mario Mercier

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