Philippe Falardeau will adapt Alain Farah’s most recent novel to the cinema

The publishing house Le Quartanier and the production company micro_scope made the announcement on Wednesday in a press release.

Alain Farah admits that he had a fantasy that the stories he writes would one day become films. To imagine a A thousand secrets, a thousand dangers adapted by Philippe Falardeau fills me with this almost disturbing joy that lives in us when, so rarely, our fantasies are embodied in realityhe pointed out.

He adds that he admires the work of Philippe Falardeau since the film The left half of the fridgereleased in 2000.

“A thousand secrets, a thousand dangers”, a novel by Alain Farah published by Le Quartanier

Photo: Le Quartanier

For his part, Philippe Falardeau emphasizes that it was the book that chose him and not the other way around. A thousand secrets, a thousand dangers imposed itself on me like a tropical storm, a fit of laughter, an anxiety attack, a desire to celebrate… It’s a dream marriage between the intimate and the social. Alain Farah’s insomniac universe is full of tenderness and humor, and reflects a desire to live that borders on madness.he explains.

Philippe Falardeau and Alain Farah started working together on this film a few weeks ago. I discover that we have the same relationship to work, based on dialogue, desire, intuition, and above all the same relationship to painful experiences. I’m throwing youyous, now that our collaboration is no longer a secretspecifies Alain Farah.

A thousand secrets, a thousand dangers was a finalist for the Prix des libraires du Québec and the Prix littéraire des collègegiens.

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