Patrice Bernier, the eternal captain of Quebec soccer

Patrice Bernier had an exceptional career of 18 seasons during which he left his mark in Denmark, Norway, Germany, but above all, in Montreal.

A few months after learning that he was inducted into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame, Patrice Bernier will finally have the opportunity to celebrate this honor at home. CF Montreal will take advantage of the New England Revolution’s visit to Saputo Stadium to pay tribute to its former captain.

Good to be able to point that out here. Especially since when I found out, it was by zoom. In addition, it was Samuel Piette and Mauro Biello who announced it to me. There, I will have the chance to be at the stadium, and to commune with everyonesaid the Quebec player.

Out of 18 seasons, I still spent 9 with the Montreal Impact. A large majority of my career has been spent here.

The chosen day is not insignificant. Patrice Bernier just played the last match of his career against New England and it is also the club against which he scored the most goals. To add to the symbolism, we preferred to wait until August, the eighth month of the year, to wink at the number behind Bernier’s sweater.

Born in Quebec, of Haitian origin, his destiny was far from being drawn in advance. Player in the QMJHL, the logical choice would have been for him to continue his career in the world of hockey. But he had a dream, that of becoming a professional soccer player.

When we are young, we are sometimes told that we dream in color. When I left hockey, people thought I was a little crazy. The road to becoming a professional hockey player is pretty clear, he admits. You could go to the Montreal Impact, but then where do you go? The club was not in MLS. Turning professional was not clear. I had the chance to live my dream, to play 18 seasons, to be on the national team, to play against Brazil and Spain

It tells me that I made the right choice and that I marked the history of Canadian soccer. There are no wordshe adds.

Bernier, the model

Upon his return to Quebec after starting his career in Europe, Patrice Bernier quickly understood that he could make a difference in the lives of young Canadian soccer players.

I became a player, but also spokesperson for the club and Quebec soccer. At that time, I think I was the only Quebecer on the team. I understood that I had a responsibility, a duty to behave well and perform wellhe explains.

Samuel Piette, Mathieu Choinière and James Pantemis are unanimous when it comes to Patrice Bernier. He was able to pave the way for them and he is an inspiration to all young Quebec players.

When I played with him, he was always very calm, recalls Samuel Piette. When things were not going so well for the team, we knew we could count on him. I want to be that person. I want people to tell themselves that I am someone who works super hard, but who we can also rely on when things are not going so well to get through these moments.

Pat is the eternal captain. He has done so much for the club, for Quebec soccer. Later, at the end of my career, I would like to have my name alongside those of Mauro Biello and Patrice Bernier.

The match between CF Montreal and the New England Revolution will be presented on Saturday evening at Saputo Stadium. The tribute to Patrice Bernier will take place at halftime.

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